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Sunburn and architecture May 8, 2008

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I have really olive coloured skin. In the winter I look kinda green which is unfortunate, but in the summer my skin goes super dark which is great.. except for when I spent a full 5 hours in the sun, and burn. I burn so rarely it simply didn’t cross my mind, but the weather today has been fantastic and I simply wanted to use the chance to get sun sun sun. Which I consequently did. Note to self: You have human skin, You will burn. You are NOT invincible. Dammit.

I did fall in love with the park though, with one of those perfect gentle breezes drifting by, ponds and rivers trickling and tinkling therapeutically in the background, and the occasional Canada goose honking overhead. At on point a group of old women wearing only clothes in camel or navy blue trailed past on a tour. It was truly idyllic.

Walking back got me thinking about the state of the property market. What with all these credit crunches everyone is chickening out of buying, and the buy-to-let market has gone sky high. It’s a bit of a set back for buying a house in the next few years, which was my aim. And the sad thing is, Leamington is full of gorgeous houses – some done up with all these amazing original features, and some totally dilapidated just crying out to be fixed. I just hope they sell, because they are gorgeous. There was one in particular that has been taking my fancy every time I wander by it – huge floor to ceiling windows, lots of light and spaces. Its the sort of place I dream of living in. The photos below show the amazing fireplaces and more!

Georgian FireplaceCupboardsOriginal Fireplace #2


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