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Grading Places – How to pass (or fail) Numeracy tests May 9, 2008

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Not such a good day today.

First of all the sun had been replaced with a grey sprawl of cloud marching off as far as the eye can see, and the ground was coated with those puddles that seem to appear at the mere thought of rain. They get bigger and bigger as the day goes on, though all you can feel when you go outside is a certain dampness in the air. Then, on top of that, my final grade of a piece of coursework came back, and piece of coursework that I believe was really good. I did great on the poster, and 15% worse on the 350 word summary. My grade, somewhat unsurprisingly, suffered. I must admit, I shed a little tear, and the first half of the day went past with little old me doing nothing much else but staring into the distance willing my grade to change.

As if to add insult to injury, I then attempted to complete some practise numeracy tests for a job I have applied for. I don’t know if you’ve encountered many of these – short tests sent to you by some unknown third party, where you have to use your limited brain cells to answer questions based on percentages and graphs. The are the bane of my life, causing me endless distress and making want to curl up in a corner and cry. Which I did for a little bit this morning, before I realised that wasn’t going to help at all, and dampening a pillow would just serve to make me feel even worse. So, bravely, I soldiered on… and got 3 out of 8 questions right. 3 out of 8. That’s not (in case you were wondering) great. There I was, typing numbers into my scientific calculator and feeling oh-so-proud when a sensible looking answer flashed up on the screen, only to find out that everything I did that made sense actually didn’t make any sense at all.

So I seem to have come to a piece of advice I have heard many times before – it’s going to be a matter of practise makes perfect. If you ever find yourself wondering “How can I pass online numeracy tests”, then I have a feeling this is the only way. I did some before (clearly you need to start practising again for each set of tests, brain like a sieve and all that!) that were good to try. They were on a financial website, and you can find them here. It’s worth a go!

Has anyone else had any problems like this with numerical tests for jobs?

I’m going to head into town I think, see if I can cheer myself up with some bargain hunting… I need to pick up some antiques to sell, and fancy a treat!

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