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Graduation dresses May 10, 2008

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Well there isn’t all that long until I have to work out what dress I am wearing to my graduate ball come this summer. Sugarbabes are playing, along with pendulum (very exciting) and *ahem* The Vengaboys. Who aren’t quite so good – though they are a very nostalgic 90’s throwback. A blast from the past, if you will. The problem is, however, that it’s a formal prom with dancing, jazz bands and lots of excited nearly graduated students. It is also a formal prom with a fairground – so all those posh floor length frocks you think about first off are out of the window – it has to be something formal yet fun, practical yet fancy. I sense a problem. This problem is money – I can’t afford to buy a new dress, oops. I have plenty of dresses (see photographs), but have absolutely no idea what to wear on the day! Ah, the issues we face at university!

Anyone got any favorites for a summer ball? Or, alternatively, think none are appropriate?

This one is shapely and pretty.

Gorgeous clingy dress this one – but is it too cocktail-y?

A beautiful summery dress in satin

Short/clingy blue velvet dress

The wildcard – long (black than it looks) calf length dress, tight around the bodice. Can be “dressed up”.

Any ideas?



1. sulz - May 12, 2008

the first dress – i really love it but the gingham / spots doesn’t make it look very formal?

the second dress – love it too, it does seem a bit semi-formal-ish, but if you’ve got confidence i’m sure you can pull it off. 🙂

third dress – can’t really tell how it’ll look like, but it looks pretty good if you’ve got the legs to carry if off. 😉

fourth dress – pretty nice

fifth dress – rather plain, but with the right accessories can look quite good

just my two cents. 🙂

2. gildedfolly - May 12, 2008

I LOVE the top one, and I like the satiny one a lot too, though I think you’d look stunning in the red! You know, not to be too wishy washy about actually making a decision… 😀 Personally (if I were you) I’d go for either red or dotty!

Oh, and dotty could be EXTRA fun if you dressed it up with bright accessories – your pink shoes for example!


3. mysterycreature1 - May 12, 2008

OK, I’m thinking along the red or dotty lines too now – I’m liking the suggestion about colourful accessories, I hadn’t thought of that. I think I’ll try the red on all dressed up, an then the dotty – contrast and compare!

Thanks for all the advice you’ve definitely narrowed it don! I soo can’t make decisions!


4. Deepika - September 19, 2008

I guess black is the obvious colour when we think of graduation dress..so i liked the last one..

anyways i came across some interesting facts about graduation dress….do read them might help you futher..

5. jessica - March 22, 2010

some of the dresses here i like

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