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Numeracy tests and reasoning tests – update! May 13, 2008

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Those who care will be glad to know I passed the two sets of numeracy tests I had to do for two jobs. And I now have one interview on the 19th, and one hour-long telephone interview on the 20th! Very exciting!

Being that I was in tears believing I couldn’t do it all through the test I did last night, and that I get soo angry when forced to things I beleive I’d be bad at (sorry Ben!), I was quite impressed.

Go me!!!!

It has made me discover a couple of things about myself – firstly that I’m clearly better at maths than I thought I was (or I’m a really good guesser!), and secondly that I am remarkably bad at trying new things that I don’t want to do. Any whiff of a stressful situation and I’m running for the hills, completely convinced that I will be the worst ever, that people will mock me, and that I will fail. I hate failing. So I have decided I will be braver in the future and believe in myself.

I know and love psychology – I should have been able to see this coming!



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