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Prom dresses and summer twirls May 13, 2008

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Laura got her prom dress from eBay – she’s currently swirling around my room in a blur of tartan, my black scarf (for some reason) tied turban-style on her head, giggling hysterically about how wide she gets when it spins out around her…. and planning to capture a boy to be her date and wear a kilt! It’s vintage (she doesn’t want me to suggest it’s 90’s…) monsoon, and we had no idea whether it would look great or absolutely appalling! Luckily it fitted like a dream and is gorgeous – real silk.

As for my dress – also from eBay, But technically (I discovered) from George at ASDA (!!) – is gorgeous too, all summery and blue. My skin looks really pale in the photo (and I had to change in my cupboard to avoid flashing poor laura) but it’s really brown from the sun. I think its so cute!



1. Elisabeth - May 14, 2008

I love your blue polka dot dress, so summery and light!

2. mysterycreature1 - May 14, 2008

Thank you! I’ve been wearing it all day 2day – and ok, so the boning is poking my stomach – but that I can survive! xx

3. marie - October 16, 2008

hae umm i love the dresses just the red checkers one i saw in a shop called clarks and it was a litle bit more shorter but it is still nice and the blue one is very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. mysterycreature1 - October 16, 2008

Hi Marie

Checkers is very in this season – which meant this dress was ahead of the trends!

I haven’t worn the blue one in far too long – I shall have to wear it at some point soon!


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