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Exam and sunny bliss May 15, 2008

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So it’s been a tough couple of days.

Yesterday was a blur of reading notes on developmental psychology, and I had 40 names and dates to completely memorise in just four pages, not to mention all the rest of the notes that I had to get stuck in my brain on children’s eyewitness memory. Easily the most difficult exam I have EVER done, I had 8 pages of handwritten notes transposing down only two of the topics we could have been revising. In actuality we studied 5, but would only answer two questions in the exam, one on each topic. So I picked my two, simply because I didn’t have enough brain space for the recommended three (in case you can’t answer on of the questions. In case you are particularly intrigued, I picked infant social development (a complete bastard) and eyewitness memory.

So I sat down and learnt it all, and half way through I encountered a phenomena I had never encountered before – no more information would enter my already crowded and stress out brain. It felt like a metre high wall had gone up, and my brain was having none of it. Any facts I tried to push in came dancing merrily out the other side. I was being mocked by a list of names, dates and experimental findings – and it wasn’t feeling good.

Needless to say, I was a complete stress ball. I was worked up and knotted into a bunch of worries, paranoia and hysteria. By the time the evening came I was wearing my glasses because my eyes hurt so much, was drugged on on copious amounts of brain relieving paracetamol (am I terrible that occasionally I take pain killers to slow my brain down?) and sobbing down the phone to Ben. Well, sobbing down the phone when not refusing to let him ring me due to the fact I was “Disturbing his television time” – I was completely paranoid that focring him to listen to yet more of my problems would cause him to hate me because he’d rather be watching “The apprentice”. Where I got that from, I will never know.

Anyway, the exam was this morning, and it was somewhat reassuring to wake up to find I knew more than I thought. I still wasn’t confident, but I was no longer a petrified mess. I went to the exam, sat through two average questions that I might have scraped a 2:2 in, and came out. Still feeling like I was gearing up for an exam. An hour later, however, being sat out in the quad with a bunch of 3rd years and chatting eagerly about everything under the sun, I finally relaxed!

And I spent the rest of the afternoon lying comatose on the field, drained beyond all recognition and reading nothing more mentally challenging than the latest copy of more. Life was good.

I have work now, my last ever session calling past alumni.It’s a shame, because although I have been prioritising my study this term, I have made some excellent friends there, and it will be sad. Time to sign off now though, although I’ll come back on later no doubt.

Time to work!!

Sorry about the poor photo quality – I couldn’t crop it, oddly! So you have to see all the rubbish of my untidy room!


1. gildedfolly - May 15, 2008

You silly sausage you – I was the one wanting to watch The Apprentice. My fireman isn’t friendly enough to share his TV with me 😦 so I “borrowed” Ben and Tom’s :D. I’m sure you did fabulously in your exam anyway.

Love the dress, and the prom dress too – very perdy!


2. grezakster - May 26, 2008

I’m procrastinating from a psychology exam right now!

3. mysterycreature1 - June 5, 2008

How did your exams go Grezakster?

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