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Fainting goats and Moonwalking birds. Wonders of the world! May 17, 2008

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Thee are just two of the weirdest Youtube videos I have come across, and one of them I saw first on hilarious programme QI with Stephen Fry. in fact the other was mentioned on QI, and I couldn’t resist sharing!

First of all, goats who are used on ranges with sheep to act as sacrifices when attacked by wolves or other such sheep-devouring creatures. You will see why as you watch… (you will also wonder how these little beasts survived the lack of flight or fight  – an anti-Darwin argument if ever there was one!)

And secondly (I take far to much cybical joy in using “and” at the start of sentences), the lovely little bird who dances soo much more funkily than I could ever acieve. And, I have to say, I want those pipecleaner leggings!



1. ellaella - May 17, 2008

Those goats are a riot!! Still laughing.

I liked the way he made an exception for goats in the sweet creatures. A zillion years ago a friend was performing at a state fair in Illinois and I went along. I had time to kill and, being a city slicker, went into the barns to see real animals. I saw a little goat that looked so sweet. It came right over to me, as most animals do, but when I tried to pet it, it nearly bit off my arm.

Farmer sitting on a haystack simply said, “Ain’t from these parts, is ya?”

2. mysterycreature1 - May 18, 2008

hehe, you’d have no such trouble with these babies – jst shout “boo!” if they try to bite you and that’s it! xx

3. half goon half god - May 19, 2008

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much than at videos of fainting goats. But the moonwalking bird comes very close. I wish we had them here. I’d prefer them to those blasted blackbirds!

4. mysterycreature1 - May 19, 2008

aw blackbirds are cute! But I agree is would very much be better if they were all mannaquin birds sliding around!

5. John Painz - May 21, 2008

These are awesome videos… so funny. Kept waiting for the bird to grab its crotch or something…

6. mysterycreature1 - May 21, 2008

hehe it’s soo true! And Mccauley Culkin to emerge from the bushes? Hmm, that joke definitely fell outside of “PC” 😛 xx

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