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The worlds worst invention May 21, 2008

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Uncategorized.
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I would like to draw attention to… the worlds WORST invention. It’s not a complex device that doesn’t work, nor is it one of those annoying seemingly pointless objects advertised only on shopping channels. It’s not even, God forbid, the Segway. No, the worlds worst invention is the Virgin trains (now Cross Country trains too) toilet roll dispenser.

For those of you unfamiliar with train travel, this “invention” is a brushed steel contained built into the wall of the otherwise relatively classy Virgin Trains toilet. The need for a broom to jam the door handle in order to pee in safety may be gone, but for those in need of a little toilet roll to complete their business will simply have to hope and pray. We have all encountered dispensers like these, no doubt about it. They are filled with piles of interlocking tissues, from which you pull a piece out, and it neatly slides the next tissue into place. They sometimes get blocked by over enthusiastic roll-grabbers, but generally the concept works.

Not, however, with these babies. They are permanently blocked, and you either have to fill your hands with scraps of ripped of paper, or have to slowly extract half of the pile or none at all. I have yet to EVER (no exaggeration at all here form a very frequent traveler) to find a fully functionally dispenser. I ask, why?

Is it soo hard for the train companies to identify a faulty product and fix. Woe be it the responsibility of the employees on the train, who presumably come to work equipped with double velvet and a doorman to hold thir hot towels and to wipe there asses (delightful imagery there!). I call Richard Branson, ruler (nae, God) or an empire, to FIX THIS PROBLEM.

virgin trains

Dost thou agree?



1. tenthredemption - May 22, 2008

hey there…just wanted to thank you for your comment about “10 reasons…”

and…i have no idea what you’re talking about in this post as i’m not familiar with virgin trains…but it sounds amusing…and quite frustrating indeed. 🙂

2. mysterycreature1 - May 22, 2008

hehe it was soo frustrating!

When I read your blog I thought it was going to be serious and I was about to get up in arms. Then I suddenly though “wait one second… it’s funny” lol. I’m not all too bright!

Virgin trains run a lot of trians in england as part of the virgin brand. Abd don’t get me wrong they are generally quite comfortable… but OH. MY. GOD. The toilet roll dispensers.

Thanks for the comment 🙂


3. tenthredemption - May 22, 2008

ah…that’s why. i’ve never been to england…though i’m DYING to…and while i’m young too. LOL. but with how things are economically…it’s rather difficult. it SUCKS to travel right now. and i’m in the travel industry! ha!

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