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The hot smell of freedom May 24, 2008

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white dove

Well it’s been a cople of days since I last wrote on here. First I was revising hard, and couldn’t spare the time. And then I had my last exam ever, and spent the day relaxing. I got to taste, smell and grab freedom,  a feeling which I haven’t felt fully for months, if not years. For once I don’t have any exams in the future, and any I will have I will choose to have. I never have to talk about psychology again unless I decide I want to – with freedom comes choice, and I love it. I felt funny all day yesterday – half the time a big grin would be playing at my lips, and the rest I would be staring around like a rabbit in the headlights. Shocked by the option of not having to do anything unless i choose to, I occasionally found myself experiencing moments of “shit, what should I do?”.

Now though, I can do as I please, within reason. My mum is visiting for the weekend and we’re just going to do girly things, mooching around town for bargains, going out for a couple fo meals. Then I have two weeks of work experience – where I’m going to a London advertising agency, CHI & Partners, and should have tons of fun. I will be nice to actually be working full time – I enjoy it and have missed it. Now that I don’t seem to have any work in the office left to do, it will be a welcome expereince.

My next blog will be on how to get work experience – as I’ve been there, done that. Got the boring and rather tedious t-shirt.


1. john mackintosh - September 14, 2008

Hope u have fun with your mum. 🙂

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