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Hairpieces May 25, 2008

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Uncategorized.
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I was greeted by a scary beast yesterday.

It entered my room hair first, looking like it had devoured a large and particularly nasty angora cat. Perhaps it had then swaggered around the countryside, hairy and full, finally reaching an experimental nuclear company. Having braved bushes (backwards) and clambered through back gardens, fighting with (and winning against) any number of guard dogs, it was exposed to massive levels of radiation – and magically transformed into a clip-in hair piece.

So that you fully understand, the hair piece that walked into my room was being carried by my friend. Even m y wicked imagination can’t believe it was walking – by this time any terrifying best it had once been was calmed and sedated. And it was rather rough looking, but was on sale in a very cheap shop with further money off for being messy! She saw in the monster a potential I didn’t even think could be there.

An hour or so later, my other friend Nommi was at my door – her hair no longer a sleek bob. Instead, a very impressive Amy Winehouse beehive-wannabe was in my room! The hair had been pinned in with utter commitment, and in my opinion the execution was nothing short of miraculous!

Have a look and see what you think!

Before amy winehouse Before!

Nommi after amy winehouse! After! After amy winehouse!


1. BubbleOnFire - June 2, 2008

Damn looks really good and full.

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