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How to make the most of your Work Experience May 30, 2008

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Well, the week is drawing to a close on my work experience. Having shortened it to one week from two due to money shortages, I thought it was about time I nipped online and wrote up some tips on how to have the most fun whilst learning as much as you can. I haven’t done anything as exciting as get chauffeur driven around London with trays of KFC (The infamous “Chicken Run”), which I did with BBH, but this sitting has seen me learn more and keep more occupied than I otherwise would be in a different company.

So here’s a few top tips:

  • Encourage your placement to set you a week long task. Here we have had to prepare a presentation on three brands, which we are going to be informally presenting at 5 this evening. I find that often work experience consists of long waits between tasks coming in – and there is only so much email-checking that you can do. Having a task like this meant we got into a more academic (and thus more likely to learn) frame of mind, and found ourselves with a deeper understanding of brands etc by the time the week was out. Here’s my bit of the presentation we did, writing about Innocent Smoothies, the brand, the adverts (both print and television) and their publicity. It was actually really interesting!
    innocent smoothie-presentation


  • Volunteer for anything and everything – and once you do, commit your all to it. We found that being willing to do anything thrown at you (it’s all good learning/skill improving stuff anyway!) got you more things on you plate. And this tip leads directly into tip number 3…

  • Do your best. If you work fast, efficiently, and do that little bit extra on top of what you are asked to do, this will make you look very, very good. This means keeping in regular contact with the person who set you the tasks, and being wholehearted in everything. In the short run, this just means that you will get more too do, will be looked upon favourably, and might even get offered a piece of cake if it’s someones birthday in-office. In the long run, this might be how to get yourself a job – and the potential of that isn’t worth turning down!

  • Don’t wear loud clippy cloppy high-heels if you know your going to be doing lots of walking around. I wore high heels once I realised it was a largely at-computer placement, but the office floor was wooden. Although I doubt anyone really noticed unless I pointed the noise out in a self-deprecating manner, it still made me very paranoid!




1. nour - June 7, 2008

great tips….I guess we should love what we do inorder to enjoy it.thanx

2. mysterycreature1 - June 7, 2008

I agree nour. Being passionate about what we are doing puts us well on our way to enjoying it!

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