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Some films I’ve seen June 9, 2008

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I love going to the cinema. There is something about the womb-like darkness, the row upon row of identical seats. I love going as couple, hand in hand staring at the screen (I am not a back-row-snogger; if I pay to see a film, I will damn well see it!). I love going as a group, watching some generic horror, and jumping in tandem with all those around you. I even think that whe I am older I will love going to see films alone, cocooned in the dark, screen-led escapism, where any world is yours.

unfortunately I don’t go to the cinema often enough – it’s expensive at weekends, and commitments seem to get in the way during the week. When I do go, however, I make a point of trying to choose my favourite seat, of staring wide eyes and open mouthed at the action and intrigue unfolding in glorious motion right before my eyes.

On this note, therefore, I thought I’d put a list (and a little critical evaluation, I am after an opinionated woman) of the films I have seen in the past few months…

  1. Indiana Jones. Now. Indiana Jones films are known for being silly. They are high action fun fests full of hugely enjoyable unrealistic fight scenes, perilous booby-traps and romance by the Indy-filled barrel load. This one, however, the somewhat delayed latest sequel, was shit. Don’t get me wrong – the first three quarters were over-the-top and glorious. The last quarter, however, was idiotic. Crapper than crap storylines, an truly idiotic conclusion, and a certain appalling aftertaste that left us wondering what on earth the writers had taken before developing the script.
  2. indiana Jones crystal skulls

  3. Sex And The City. As a SATC convert of recent years, I had been looking forward to a good sob-session, with ridiculous (and frankly unattractive) outfits, shoes to die for, and bottomless pockets. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed this film with every inch of my soul – every dramatic moment, every dazzling dress. Impressively, it felt like everything was happening to me personally – and that kind of emotional involvement is a rare thing indeed.
  4. Sex and the city, SATC

    Sex and the City, SATC

  5. Transformers. Not only did it feature Shia LaBeouf (whom I oddly fancy!), but it was also jam packed with dramatic action – and THE sexiest yellow car I have ever seen. I love love loved this and couldn’t even begin to explain why. Plus, there is something about my bodies reaction when that engine purrs into life…
  6. Chevy Camaro Bumblebee Transformers

  7. 300. OH. MY. GOD. This film made me very very excited. Something to do, perhaps, with the bare rippling chests of 300 fantastically computer “perfected” men. Or the perfectly executed graphic novel representation of bloodshed, battles and monsters. It was very enjoyable, and very re-watchable, which it not an accolade I give lightly. Full of passion and manliness.

    300 tonight we dine in hell

  8. Cloverfield. Another film that shocked me with it’s brilliance. Drawn to the cinema to watch this by it’s somewhat misleading trailer and air of mystery, I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy this movie. I didn’t, after all, have any idea what it was about, and I’ve seen enough films to know that handheld camera technique is often used to cover up an even shakier storyline. It was, however, a bit of a masterpiece. I’m not saying it wasn’t confusing, or a little bit ridiculous. But through all that silliness (it is made by the creators of Lost, you see) it kept my heart pound and left me thoroughly satisfied. And shaking. A marked success.
  9. cloverfield

  10. Juno. I didn’t want to like this film. Everyone else did – why should I. After all, the last film recommended to me like this one was Napoleon Dynamite. Which I hated. Passionately. This film, however, was very enjoyable. Tasteful and realistic, it captured a down-to-earth image of the ups and downs of society. It also made me cry, in a thoroughly happy/respectful way.
  11. Juno Ellen page

  12. Finally, Disturbia. My third Shia LaBeouf film of the year (I am turning into a borderline obsessive, it’s very odd to witness as I am a very down to earth person free from crushes normally!). This too was an unexpected gem, and it kept my mum in thralls of admiration for weeks. It was tense, scary, dramatic, and even had a sexy kissing scene, which is always good fun. I also thought that the performance by David Morse (if you can’t work out where you’ve seen him before, it might have been House M.D) was creepy and spot on.

So there you have it – the films of 2007 – 2008 that I saw. The good, and the bad.


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