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Taking my (meme) virginity June 11, 2008

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Well Sulz tagged me to do a meme (is “do a meme” the right phrase?), so I’m going to do my best. I’m relatively certain meme is the writers sophisticated version of chain-questionnaires, but let’s be honest, I’ve done my fair share of them in my time!

Please thoughtfully consider the following, and choose one item for each of the categories below. (Be sure to describe your reasons for choosing)

One religious work from a non-familiar tradition you’ll read:
I’ve a lot of religious books I’ve been meaning to read. I want to have a glance through both the Bible and the Koran, as well as having a strong interest in reading the Egyptian book of the dead, amongst others. I think I want to understand the religions, even if I disagree with a number of the claims, and feel that religious competition is weighing heavily and unpleasantly on the global conscience. I’ve also got a lot of novels (my bibles) to read too!

Does anyone have any good book suggestions for me?

One music video–that you like–from your “least likely to listen to’ genre:
Hmm… Hip Hop would probably be my genre, but my problem is that even within my “least liked” category there are songs that I love! This one has an amazing video however!

A book from a genre you almost never read, that you have read, or you will read (promise!):
I’m not a major classics fan – as in books over a hundred years old. I tend to find them outdated, slow and downright over descriptive. Which I know is completely hypocritical, as over-description is my biggest flaw! However, some I have read have been amazing – Such as The Yellow Wallpaper, or Wuthering Heights. I dream of owing lots of beautifully covered books, so classics would be ideal! I love this idea by Penguin – you draw your own cover on the book (only slightly sacrilegious!)

penguin book cover

Somewhere you’d never thought to go on holiday/vacation, and why it might be fun to go there:

I’ve always known I would travel. Even more obnoxiously, I’ve always believed that I can go wherever I want, the whole world in all its splendors and it’s horrors, is completely open to me, whether as a tourist, a fellow human being, or a marked outsider. My honest aim in life is to explore the world – for now I have to save. However… highly unlikely I’ll ever reach the north pole (or the south)!

A specific food you’ve never tried, but will because of this meme, honest!:

Sushi. I have been meaning to try it for ages – maybe I’ll be brave and take my boyfriend somewhere for some. You know my only real hesitation with sushi? The conveyor belt system – it scares me as much as the prospect of finding my seat in exams does!

A sport or game you really hate, or haven’t tried yet, but are willing to give one more go:
Curling! I can’t guarantee that I am willing to give it any sort of go, however. The idea of a shiny stone ball sliding down a long ice pathway just doesn’t do it for me, I’m afraid.

A style of dance you probably won’t try (we won’t make you promise on this one):
I doubt I will be any good at hip hop dance. The fast movements, funky twitching (forgive my terminology) and body thrusting seems so far outside my abilities that it is barely conceivable to talk about it. However, I have secret (ok, public) desires to partake in the tango, salsa, belly dancing, pole dancing and burlesque. Not in any perverted raunchy fashion that may offend people, but in the sense of exploring my own body and my own sensuality, whilst enjoying being silly and looking an idiot.

A career job you don’t feel you’re suited for, and why:
I’m not suited to the life of a lawyer. I respect lawyers, but I myself am destined for something more creative, innovative and enjoyable. I don’t want to be forever stuck in a role that people commonly describe as soul destroying. I believe I can go high up in business without sacrificing my ideals – and whilst still looking and feeling like “me”.

An item that’s “thinking out of the box’ for this meme that hadn’t been included:

Couldn’t think of an answer for this one I’m afraid… I’m feeling in a somewhat compliant, dependent mod for today – original thought is somewhat lacking and I do the best I can with exactly what is thrown at me! Many o these things I have discussed above I long to do, and shall endeavor throughout the course of my life to achieve them., Some, however, may be replaced by other, newer dreams. By technological fantasies or interstellar travel. Who knows.

Tagging: Secondhandshopper, Amandzing, Nectarville, Icedlemontea and Musings of a Monkey. Have fun guys if you want to do it!


1. sulz - June 11, 2008

haha. yes, a meme can be done, or you can ‘do a meme’. 😛

sushi is nice! and not everything is raw. it’s an acquired taste though. and the conveyor belt is the fun part! just make sure that if you do pick the plate, you plan to eat what’s inside… a bit funny to put it back later on, heh. (i do that though, if i put it back a second after i pick it up, haha)

i’ve never heard of curling before, so that’s something new i learn!

thanks for playing the meme. it wasn’t too bad now, was it? 😉

2. nectarfizz - June 12, 2008

OK will do this tomorrow..honest!

3. mysterycreature1 - June 12, 2008

Sulz: Yup, it is definitely the conveyor belt system that scares me! God only knows why!And it wasn’t too bad at all 🙂

Nectar: Thanks!!

4. amandzing - June 12, 2008

lol, i’m on it

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