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New Shooooooes?! June 22, 2008

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Uncategorized.
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Fool! In a moment of unforwarned window shopping, I yesterday wandered within reach of a Faith shoe-store, where timing and luck defeated me by placing a massive SALE sign in the window. 10 minutes later, and many shoe trials later, I found myself wandering the streets with shoe boxes in hand. In my defence, I was only £25 down for two pairs of shoes worth £100 in total (Bargain!!).

Here are my goodies:

First, a lovely patent leather pair, which I with my narrow tootsies will have to wear with insoles. These were a grand £15! Isn’t that cheap and aren’t they lovely.

Second, my green shoes bought under the pretence that I would wear them with my medusa constume for my end of year party. Yeah right. I will wear them, but I will also wear them on every available oppurtunity thereafter. Possibly whilst shoving the delicate pattern in my friends facing whilst sqeaking “look, look, aren’t they so pretty!!”.

Brilliant buys!



1. gildedfolly - June 23, 2008

Oh my god, those heels are BEAUTIFUL! We’re shoe-shopping in sync! Have fun turning people to stone! Cxx

2. chanera - June 3, 2009

Any chance of getting more details about the First patent leather shoes in this post?
Who make them, what the style is etc… please 😉

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