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The Wanderer Returns… July 16, 2008

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About time that I sat down and did some writing. Frighteningly, a massive 3 weeks have passed since I last blogged my little heart out, and I have a lot to tell. However, it seems that writing a blog – or even, for that matter, going online, has dropped way down my list of priorities – I’m much more likely to get in from work and collapse in front of the TV than flick on the computer and check my emails.

Ah yes, the first news of the bunch. I don’t know if you caught the little reference above, but I am working. Every day I get up, eat breakfast (because I have to) and toddle off on the walk to work. Then, similarly, at the end of the day I pack my bag and head off home. It’s great. For the first time in a long time I get relaxing time yet I’m also kept busy, I’m doing a nice variety of stuff and time is whizzing past like a boy racer on speed. In case you missed my excited post a few weeks ago, I’m actually a Marketing assistant now – my foot is one rung higher on the ladder to success. However, it does seem to be one rung higher on the ladder to cheesiness as well!

Secondly, on Monday I made the odd transition from Graduand to Graduate – and now I officially own a degree! It’s nice and reassuring to know this. Graduation day was an odd time – it was lovely to see everyone, but I am not a fan of the actually ceremony of graduation itself. I was much more interested in seeing the physical certification that I had really done the past three years and hadn’t simply dreamt them. I feel that the graduation ceremony is archaic, which alone is harmless. However, I feel that the outdated division between the genders (girls wear their hats indoors, guys don’t, etc.) is actually one of the most dangerous cases of sexism – mainly because it is still in today’s enlightened society regarded as “what has always been done”. If this is “what has always been done”, then why does society change and move on – why are some things unacceptable, but more hamrless forms of sexual discrimination allowed and enforced. Mixed messages, I feel, are never the best route towards equality. I also refused to stand to song the antional anthem – it is after all my perrogative and choice as to whether I support the monarchy or nor. There may be an element of childish rebellion in my actions, but I’d rather stand up to my morals and be seen as silly than let them lapse in select situations. Plus, havbing never met the queen I don’t really care whether she lives for a long time or not – I have no vested interest, callous as it may sound to say it.

So, rant aside, I have passed two milesones in my period in absentia from WordPress. I am now a working woman, nay, a working graduate.

Long may this continue.

p.s I shall write a post on Irregular choice shoes tomorrrow, and post some graduation photos whenever I get the oppurtunity!


1. gildedfolly - July 16, 2008

Good to have you back – I’ve missed my lunchtime catch-up! Looking forward to seeing these infamous shoes…

And congrats on becoming a graduate! Join usssss!
C xxx

2. sulz - July 18, 2008

congratulations on your graduation! mine is coming up soon. i’m not a fan of celebrations of any kind – birthday, graduation etc, so to me it’s just something else to go through. i’m looking forward to meeting my friends though.

3. mysterycreature1 - July 18, 2008

Thanks guys 🙂
Sulz – graduations are odd, and I’m not a major fans of celebrations like that, but it is worht it to see all your friends for that last time.

4. nectarfizz - August 11, 2008

Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!

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