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Freaky Clementines, Getting Jiggy with Juicers, and other stories… July 20, 2008

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Some days you just have to act like a kid again. Where the little pleasures of life are so much that the only way to deal with them appropriately is to jump around, squeak intermittently and giggle loudly. Such was today.

Full of tasty endorphins from a rather lackadaisical gym trip, we returned home from the supermarket brimming with good intentions. This week we would be good – we would eat nothing but pureed turnips and drink only sugar water, nourishing ourselves with overflowing willpower. Realising the potential for flaws in our plan, we settled eventually on eating lots of fruit, veg and oh-so-healthy beans. We even replaced the checkout line impulse buy of chocolate and magazines with a half price smoothie maker and juicer. Bargain.

These are the events that led to my excited jumping around the kitchen squeaking “what are you blending” repeatedly at varying volumes. But before I regail you with this tale, let me tell you about the orange. It wasn’t an orange in actuality, but I possess a common tendency to call any orange coloured citrus fruits, regardless of segmentability or peel quality, an orange. For me a tangerine is as much the same as a clementine as well as a satsuma. Now this particular specimen was revealed as a mandarin, and it may (just may) have been dying of a terrible disease. It was covered from stalky head to orange peel toes in light yellow patches, much like a citrus measles or a cellulite chicken pox. I laughed for hours! See the picture below, which somehow has failed to catch the amusing quality of this little ray of vitamin filled sunshine.

The smoothie maker was the next adventure, being as it was, loaded with gadgets, gizmo’s and bits that went whizz if you flicked the right switch. I must admit that our first attempt (in the smoothie blender, I hasten to add, not in the centrifugal juicer or citrus squeezer, I wouldn’t want to confuse you with fruit-eaters mumbo-jumbo) full of berries, fruit and yoghurt (but not much liquid) wouldn’t clamber it’s fibre laden form down the dispensing tap and into the glass. We had made a smoothie fit only to be eaten with a spoon. Which, as an aside, the rat did, and enjoyed heartily once the concept of licking, not devouring, was eventually understood.

So that was my day. We hung around, gymed and blended and tried to convince the world that smoothies are healthier than chocolate bars – which of course they are. If you want to get your kids to try fruit, smoothies are not only cool, but give the opportunity for whizzy bits, brightly coloured potions and plenty of hocus pocus. And judging by my excited, totally enamoured approach, it was well worth doing!

Night night guys!


1. Elisabeth - July 21, 2008

Haha! What a wonderful post – I also call any orange coloured round fruit an orange!

2. mysterycreature1 - July 23, 2008

Glad to hear I’m not the only one!! xx

3. nectarfizz - August 11, 2008

laughing hysterically!

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