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A Cure to Temporary Depression July 25, 2008

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We all have them. Those days where everything goes wrong and absolutely nothing goes right.

In my case it was thruday – work was fine, but I slept terribly the night before, got woken up early, had my evening cancelled and was told by orange that I couldn’t collect my phone from them (BIG complaining letter coming up!). Not only that, but I was hot, sweaty, and smelt like a pig. To sum it up briefly, I was one miserable bugger.

So, having turned down invites to go out due to my certainty that I would be horrific company, I decided to set about developing a cure for the down-in-the-dumps. Now, as someone who has battled depression, I’m not saying that this is a quick fix that will cure all those dark nights and even darker shadows. As a fix to a stonker of a day, however, it’s pretty darn good.

What you need:

  • Chocolate – predictably, chocolate is always a mainstay in my cheer up pack. It’s vital.
  • Smoothie – Fruity, and gives you the energy that somehow eating vast amounts of choccie takes away.
  • Angel delight.
  • Spaghetti Hoops.
  • Toast (with LOTS of butter).
  • A crappy, mindless magazine, such as Reveal or Closer.
  • A crappy, mindless film – NOT a Rom-Com (unless you feel mentally up to it). I chose Slither – utter crap, but quite enjoyable.
  • A pile of pillows.
  • A TV/laptop.

First of all, set yourself up. You need to arrange your pillows on a comfy bed so you can see the TV or laptop without any strain. Put in the DVD and set it up. Next, nip through to the kitchen and heat up your spaghetti hoops, and cook your toast. This is always my default fall back food – it makes me happy and tastes brill. I bung a heated tin over yummy buttered bread and instantly feel some of my problems melting away. Of course, please bear in mind that these problems will be replaced with others (namely heart disease and cholesterol if you repeat this routine too frequently).

Once your dinner is cooked, I suggest you hole yourself up in bed, possibly in your underwear (I can never be bothered with clothes when I’m fed up), curtains pulled, and switch on the film. Make sure you have that smoothie near-by for washing down the Chemicals! I found that once the film had finished not only was I slightly repulsed (it is a bit Icky, this film!), but I hadn’t thought about myself for the duration  – it is after all quite difficult to feel sorry for yourself whilst watching slug like creatures intent on devouring/impregnating the earth.

Film over, this is when I move onto my chocolate eating phase of Project Cheer-Up. Bowl of angel delight in one hand, spoon in the other, I gobbled down whatever I felt like eating whilst flicking through my trashy mag. There is no need to engage your brain for this part of the evening, as it is pure autonomous enjoyment!

Well read and full of chocolate, I lay back down in bed. It was half 9, but I had satiated my happiness cravings and was well and truly ready for a good nights sleep. As my food induced lethargy swept over me, I drifted off – and woke up the next morning Chirpy and Chipper!

I really recommend it!


1. gildedfolly - July 25, 2008

Sounds fab. For me it’s fishfinger sandwiches though – fishfingers on white bread with one slice spread with mayo, the other with ketchup, a couple of leaves of lettuce and sliced cheddar. Perfection!

(NOTE: this also works equally when you come in from a night out drunk, or for the hangover next day.)

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