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Adsolutely Fabulous July 29, 2008

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Uncategorized.
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What would we do without that oh-so-language-influencing television programme that was Absolutely Fabulous. Ever since it’s creation its name has inspired numerous terrible puns, and a hoard of articles, blogs, headlines and more either using the name in it’s original form, or doing as I have done and manipulating a simple phrase into a crass attempt at humour.

Anyway, the purpose of this blog wasn’t in fact to speculate on the little phases and idioms that have crept there way into the English language, common phrases such as “sexed up”, or “ab fab”. I puzzled for a little while over what to write about – I thought about jabbering about my life for a little while, but decided that though there is lots to say, it can wait for another day, when I’m not quite so chock-a-block of annoying speculations and vague concepts. I also thought about writing about current affairs, the terrible bombing in Istanbul, the tragic demise of Weston Super Mare’s beautiful pier, in the town when my mum grew up. However, the world of blogging is a big and varied one – to be honest, I am more keen on reading other, more intelligent or professional people waxing lyrical on the state of policital events and the world at large. I even considered discussing a few of my Dragon’s Den inspired inventions and ideas – but that too can wait for another night!

Instead, a topic I really do know about!

A really funky advert I saw the other day,

Also saw an ad stating that a certain ice lolly was only 99 calories – 101 and if you ate the stick!! Hehe, very funny!


1. Rosario - August 27, 2008

LOL! Yes, it’s brilliant, I want to write about it in my blog buy can’t find the photo anywhere. I guess I’ll have to take one myself! 101 if you eat the stick! I’m still laughing!

2. mysterycreature1 - August 27, 2008

I’m glad someone esle loves it! I only ever see it when I drive past it – I shall endeavour to get a photo at some point soon!

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