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The awkwardness of Life, eating big mushrooms, and glittery frocks August 11, 2008

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Argh. Life is an awkward bugger, is it not? It’s a massive bundle of highly irritating sods law, which sees brilliant opportunities arriving one minute, and you tripping over your own feet a minute later.

So here I am, on my lunch break at work, and wholeheartedly moping. Yep, you heard me right, I am full-on downtrodden face and grumpy frown moping. Were I a dog my tail would be tucked between my legs. Were I a cat my tail would be swishing – and I might well be playing cruelly with a mouse- a mouse for whom I am willing to bet the day had gone great until me. Anyway, you get the idea – because of the path that life treads I have been reduced to a sulky puddle – and with good reason.

I don’t know if I have mentioned it on here before, but Ben and I are slowly beginning a flat search. We have no problems with where we are living, it is simply a matter of me having too much stuff (stuff = clothes and shoes! Necessities I tell ye!). Also, as a couple living together for the first time, we/I would at lest like to move towards a  place of our own, or somewhere neither of us have lived before. Yesterday we found a great place – 3 bedrooms (so Ben’s sister could live with us and we’d still have room for clothes), a roof terrace. A lovely house indeed, and the perfect distance for work. Even better, it was one of the few places without a let agreed marker – we were on our way.

However, upon ringing today, I discovered that they estate agents actually moved someone in last week – leading me to declare out-of-date websites as a personal hate! Grrr!

Still, what will be will be! And something is bound to come along!

So, I’m eating my lunch. Yesterdays dinner, as is my wont. And I’m fighting my way through chunks of courgette, big hunks of mushroom. I am not a big vegetable girl. Now, whilst you may be imagining a pea with my face, or other such minimally proportioned human/veg creations, let me explain. I mean I don’t like to eat big veg. Chopped up finally, I enjoy them. Even mushrooms, with their slug like texture and bemusing lack of colour. But not in big chunks, where their flavour dominates and chaotic colour combinations reign.

However, I can’t really complain. I did cook the meal myself…

Thirdly and finally, I have just received a parcel from eBay. eBay is my friend at the moment – my distraction for boredom, byt filler of lunch breaks (excusing this place, of course). Consequently, eBay is various dangerous. I will sit, perched in front of the screen, hand hovering for a last minute overlooked bargain. I will leap on potential eye catchers with the practised pounce of a tiger. I will usually buy things so cheap and so pretty that everyone is jealous. Sometimes, however, I will buy blue sequined gowns, with a blue sequined choker. Described as everything from interesting to revolting! I refused to cast judgement – we will see when it arrives, I repeated. Well, now it is sat in front of me. It is hideous.

I will try it tonight and show you guys! Wish me luck!



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