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Busy bees August 20, 2008

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Uncategorized.
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Work is very busy at the moment (she says, typing vigorously during her lunch break). We’ve just moved offices for 6 weeks, whilst the variety of builders (ranging from aged approximately 10 to nearly 700) re-do our offices-to-be from head to toe. This has meant developing a certain expertise in packing and unpacking boxes at high speed – and being that the managers craftily cleared out of the office for the moving day, I would be willing to claim brilliance in box packing. Were it an Olympic sport, I would be winning our 17th Gold (correct as of the 20th Aug!).

This means that, as is all too common at the moment, I have been neglecting my blog. I’m tired in the evening – hooking up my phone to get photos on here seems too much effort. During the day, I keep forgetting to jump onto wordpress at lunch – it simply slips my mind!

However, you may hear-by hold me to this declaration – I will write at least 3 articles a week! Hopefully! Hehe. You see, I am also working on some free writing for a home styling blog (I will give you all the details when I know them myself), and hopefully am going to be doing some paid blogging too. It’s all go!


On a different matter, does anyone here want to buy some Irregular Choice shoes? I have some that I brought on eBay a while ago, but which simply don’t fit – much as it hurts to admit it!

So –

Irregular choice shoes for sale online!


I will give you a link to the eBay page (and a picture of them) as soon as – I really will miss them.

I’m also selling a size 8 (but nearer a size 6) Monsoon – lovely and great for work, but depressingly I couldn’t do it up! It’s never been worn 😦



1. Nance - August 23, 2008

Hi Busy Bee

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