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99p tights – the miracle of the modern charity shop! September 14, 2008

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I wandered in and out of a number of Leamington Charity shops yesterday, browsing for anything that caught my eye. And, for once, I found a bargain.

A £16 pair of posh tights, for the bargain discount of 99p! And, most impressively, that was in Oxfam, a shop that I always find to be grossly overpriced.

In fact, I could quite happily go off on a little rant about the overpriced content of most charity shops today – selling used clothes at prices you would find in any January sale. I could whine for hours about the base quality of charity shops being built on supplying clothes to those with little money – not the bargain seeking middle class misers. Case in point – a debenhams dress, 90 quid originally – a bargain £50 in a Leamington charity shops. Quite aside from the fact the charity shops are making 100% profit (surely there should be a little give as well as a little take?), this is just ridiculous!

Anyway, the tights were fantastic – just look what they did to my legs!! Whoa! I wish they looked like this all the time!

Top: Monsoon (50p at a bootfair)

Skirt: Miss Selfridge (Sale – £5)

Shoes: Topshop (eBay – £10)

Tights: Oxfam (99p)


1. Mick - June 12, 2009

you and your legs look stunning!

2. nectarfizz - July 16, 2009

yeah, I am envious. Mine look like 2 hams. heh.

3. clay - August 31, 2010

you look delish
A year on… are you still wearing them? lol

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