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Time to Pack, Pack, Pack September 17, 2008

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Well, it’s a week full of bags, boxes and labels this week.

Firstly, I am due to spend the next couple of days packing up our offices at work. The time has come for us to move upstairs to the newly “done-up” (namely painted and re-carpeted) office, and settle fully in our new location. For me this involves plenty of rental crates, and wandering around accidentally getting high on the fumes of my trusty permanent marker (which is, by the way, or course a joke. I hope). So far I have sliced my fingers open in 4 places (being clumsy and packing is NOT a god idea) but have successfully tidied and packed my bosses entire office – she, lucky thing, is still on holiday in the hurricane blighted USofA. Next I plan to move onto the materials cupboard (recently categorised and inventoried by yours truly) and then tackle the stationary cupboards. All four of them. Being that I am the only person in the office, nay, the world, who knows where anything is stored in these cupboards, this is of course my responsibility.

Friday will consequently be a day of unpacking and tracking down lost items. Joy of joys.

At the same time I am currently preparing to move into mine and Ben’s new flat. This is a little unfurnished studio flat in south leamington, and we are moving in over a few days starting as of this Saturday. It’s a matter of firstly sorting out the phone, Internet and electricity, and then journeying to the god that is IKEA to stock up on all things homely. We need everything – and I in my normal over the top state have made a useful spreadsheet documenting costs and priorities. I am soo sad. That said, although I am not at all looking forward to boxing up my lovely shoes, and trying to transport everything, I am looking forward very very much to living with Ben. In a flat that is all ours, that we can put our stamp on. With our own stuff. It’s very very exciting.

And when we’re all moved in, we can start having more visitors. And I can see my uni friends who most unfortunately I have managed to not see all summer.


Times aren’t half exciting!


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