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Yet another annoying update November 5, 2008

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I write this while sat at my computer pre-work, feeling like a bit of a sham. I also, strangely, feel like a fruit addict, as I am currently surrounded by four apples, and orange and banana. The ploy is that they will prevent me feeling hungry (obviously when I eat them, not when I look at them) and consequently I won’t eat any of the flapjacks sat temptingly on the other side of the room. So far this week that hasn’t worked once! I am therefore a sham not only in the blog writing stakes, but in the dieting stakes as well.

Anyway, I was actually nipping on here to update you, and to let you know that tonight I should be back in the blog writing sphere. Our Internet is finally up, and I plan to get home tonight and upload all the pics that need uploading. I also hope to write at least a ‘back-to-blog’ post, and hopefully get some of the research done for my overdue articles for www.largom.com– having no Internet has meant I have to postpone my writing, which being the perfectionist that I am, has really annoyed me!

Anyway, time is running short and I am about to start sorting out travel arrangements, invoices, and numerous publications that I am constructing. Thus, I shall bid you farewell!


1. gildedfolly - November 10, 2008

Hey chica,

Looking forward to some more regular posts to fill my duller work days!

I’ve awarded you the “I love your blog” award – y’know, because I love reading yer blog!

If you want to hand it on the deets are on mine.


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