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Saving Face November 30, 2008

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Uncategorized.
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Inspired by http://www.doedeereblogazine.com/, I have been sat around doodling on my face for the latter part of this evening.

I have always been fascinated with eye makeup – I wear so little makeup generally that eye shadows and more have always fun, rather than necessary. Indeed, I watched Goks Naked Beauty with a bit of horror and just how necessary some people regard makeup to be – I drift though my days clear skinned, savin the joy of face paints for when I really want to mess around.

Todays intention was for an over-the-top look – a bit moulin rouge, a little “caught in an explosion at the gitter factory”! I think I succeeded, and created a pretty cool look!

Eye makeup


Sorry about the super depressed look on my face for these pictures, I tend to have to concentrate hard to have self-orttrait sccess, and forget what expression I’m pulling!


Oh, and how creepy does my eye look in this photo?




1. T - December 1, 2008

interesting war paint 🙂 u so got to learn to smile when taking pics of yourself 🙂 u got a nice smile.

Keep up the good work – will be a pleasure to read when i have left.

U should check these bad boyz out – am sure u will like them 🙂



2. mysterycreature1 - December 1, 2008

Ooh, they are very pretty (not that I can afford to buy ANY shoes currently!!).

Don’t take this the wrong way… but do I know you?! And if so, how? And am I being really really stupid (a very real possibility!)?


3. T - December 1, 2008

keep an eye on them – they were on for £40 not so long ago and i am sure that they will come down in price – the red ones are yummy 🙂

not taken the wrong way at all and your NOT stupid – work in the same hell hole as you, unit 1 🙂 but finish very soon 🙂 paroled for good behaviour on 12th Dec 🙂


4. T - December 2, 2008

love the outfit u got on today 🙂 very nice indeed and wearing eye makeup 🙂


5. Sarah - December 2, 2008

I really like that last photo of yours. It’s really striking with the flash like that.

6. T - December 3, 2008

i’m the shy big sliver back in Unit 1 upstairs 🙂


7. T - December 3, 2008

silver* back 🙂 – i need coffee ……………..

8. mysterycreature1 - December 4, 2008

Hi Sarah – thanks, I though it was cool, if a little scary too! Wouldn’t like to bump into that eye in a dark alley!!

T – don’t worry, as you might have noticed I am terrible at checking my blog posts for errors!

9. T - December 4, 2008

🙂 no worries – what else do u expect from someone who works in our hell hole ;o) x

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