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Smooth moves December 8, 2008

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Uncategorized.
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Benjamin and I are taking action. The darling boy and I are being proactive and addressing our terrible eating and lack of nutrients head on – we are, you see, going on a smoothie diet for an entire week.

Mmm, I hear you say. How tasty that week will be – plenty of sweet conconcoctions, brimming with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidents. Well, the nutrient part is right – but as for the tasting nice? Not so right!!

Todays smoothies involve copious amounts of spinach, kale, carrots, broccoli, and apples. And I suppose they are really juices, not smoothies, which at least makes them faster to swallow. Luckily, we can drink as much lemon and hot water as we want, which is much more flavoursome! Oh, and I intend to have a fruit smoothie tonight, and a carrot juice too. So it isn’t all bad.

The benefits of this “diet” are obvious! We sacrifice our tastebuds in return for super energy, being well fed but NOT over-eating, and hopefully nice clear skin! Me being me, I am also ensuring that we keep up on our fatty acids by enjoying the god of all fruits, Avocado, and dosing up on flax seed oil. It has also been a great oppurtunity to get Ben on the Glucosamine for his shoulder!

This is a sensible and nutritionally beneficial way of losing 7lbs in 7 days – without compromising your health! Or, so it says on the book, hehe.

The target for this week is simple – I want to fit into three items of clothing. Firstly I wish to get into my as of yet unworn but gorgeous high wasted flaires – I am long overdue a nostaligic fashion reminise, and would prefer to do it without my tummy pokming out over the edges! As it is, I can fit into these jeans – as long as I don’t breathe, and ensure that any movement is minimal!

The other two items of clothing are these gorgeous dresses from Warehouse – where, incicdently, I could spend many a million in the outlet store, www.warehouseoutlet.com


Only £30!


And an even more bargainous £20! Keep me away from this site!



1. sulz - December 8, 2008

good luck with your smoothie diet, it sounds quite a mouthful to achieve! 😛 lovely dresses which your new body would look lovely in!

2. T - December 9, 2008

Good luck LC – am sure u will look fab.

think i should take a leaf out of your book and try the smoothies as well 🙂

which book did u get the info from ?


mysterycreature1 - December 9, 2008

Hi Sulz –

Thanks for the good wishes! Much needed!

Hey T –
It’s the 7lbs in 7 days Juice Diet, by the Juice Master.

Worth trying, even if the green juice are gross!

3. T - December 9, 2008

i’ll will check it out – no harm in trying it out – will give anything a go once!

have you worked out who i am yet ?

also hope u r feeling better 🙂


mysterycreature1 - December 10, 2008

I have to admit, I haven’t worked it out yet…

4. T - December 10, 2008

tut tut tut 😦 i am the one that sends out emails with deals to people at work 🙂

if u see me about before i leave this fri say hi 🙂


mysterycreature1 - December 11, 2008

I was getting confused by the T! I was trying to think of someone whose name began with T! I know who you are now!

5. T - December 11, 2008

the T is from my nick 🙂

hope u say bye tomorrow

keep posting, keep strong and think positive.



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