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Christmas Past December 29, 2008

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Well, Christmas has been and gone, and I am glad to report that a rather replacing and particularly un-stressful time was had by all! It is a rare thing to be able to report a family celebration where no one died, no one got drunk and no one got a little… mouthy. At least, it is rare in a country where drink is the staple diet, where estranged families never practise for extended periods of enforced “togetherness”, and where it is guaranteed that you will eat too much, be given a disappointing present, or be accidentally insulted by your nearest and dearest.


Christmas day was spent, comfortingly, in much the same way that nearly every Christmas is spent – the only difference being that this time I woke my sister up, and that I was more involved in helping with the complex task-juggling that constitutes the fantastic Christmas dinner. I was in charge of gravy (very decadent and successful, I might add) and of creating sinfully juicy yet crispy skin on our behemoth of a free-range chicken.


I was delighted with my presents, most interestingly a terracotta casserole dish designed for one pot wonders, and which is soaked to steam the contents – I look forward to trying out some of the recipes in the accompanying book, and just hope to god that it doesn’t explode in the oven, as the book warns it can if handled incorrectly. Luckily I am practised at dealing with my slightly endearing but more likely infuriating catastrophes, and must cling onto the hope that if it does explode with the force of a nuclear bomb, I will be able to fix the consequences!


Now however, with Christmas past, it is quite happily that I skip back to work to get on with things. The only reason I begrudge being here, if I am honest, is because I am getting nesting urges – and hate not having the time to use these useful feelings to thoroughly tidy the flat!


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