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Post Christmas Blues January 7, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Uncategorized.
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This week is cold. The kind of toe-numbing, teeth-chattering, soul-shivering cold that only ever happens post Christmas, and whichwill always manage to stun the nation to it’s metaphorical knees. This years freeze is somewhat colder than normal, and I have found myself waking in the middle of the night purely to shiver, and developing a slight phobia of walking to work on the ice, in case I fall and die. With temperatures hitting minus 8 or colder, I have enjoyed looking at the crystal patterns in the snow and ice, and experimenting with the frozen canal (note to self – NOT strong enough to hold a rock… thus  it will not not hold you). However, with the nights seeming ever darker and days never making it to “bright”, I can’t avoid that certain breed of post-Christmas blues.

I’m feeling lonely. Well, not lonely exactly, but worried about being lonely. I worry that I am not doing enough with the day to day of my life – I am not learning enough, I am not experiencing enough. I worry that I am falling out of touch with friends I really don’t want to lose, and that living in the real world makes keeping these connections even harder. I know that this is not fully the case. After all, my Friend Laura is coming to visit this weekend, my sister is dropping in the weekend after, and the weekend after that I am seeing Jenny, my uni workmate. I am busy, being social and keeping friends.

Of course, it is THAT time of year. And consequently, I am going to take the opportunity to make a few little resolutions:

1. I will visit Devon once every 5 weeks or so, so that my friends at home know that I still love them. If I can’t visit, I will try and arrange something where we can all meet.

2. I will really really try to get to see uni friends – I will visit you, force to to visit me, and try to attend any meet-ups that we may have.

3. I will endeavour to DO more – I will try and do something enriching every week – whether it be going to a singing session, seeing something at the theatre, going out for dinner, challenging myself, or taking up a course.


What were your new year resolutions?


1. gildedfolly - January 7, 2009

I hate January – the cold, the dark. I checked online and it’ll be around the 8th February before I’m even leaving work at sunset! Ugh!

My resolutions were:
+ stop poisoning myself with wheat
+ book myself a skiing class to see if it is something I want to get back into (and if I can still do it)
+ start remembering more people’s birthdays and using them as an excuse to send “catch-up” cards
+ buy as much as possible second hand, or where not possible, to avoid buying cheap clothing for ethical reasons
+ get rid of my debts and save some damned money!

2. mysterycreature1 - January 7, 2009

Sound like good resolutions. I may not be a lover of new year, but even I can see that as a chance to make a symbolic “fresh start”, they are very useful.

8th of Feburary… argh!! Not fair!

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