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Pretty things January 8, 2009

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My life seems to be full of pretty things at the moment – so, in honour of their lovelyness, I have decided that they deserve a bit of a photo blog. Forgive Bens decidedly shakey photography work – hence the blurry edge to most images!

Firslt, my pretty books. Following Cie’s lovely gift of “The Magic Toyshop”, and have been inspired to buy the rest of the series from Waterstones – resulting in this fantastic collection:


book2                    book3


I have also been prancing around in some of my favourite vintage finds:



My lovely dress – I still haven’t sewed up the back, so I have to wear it with a jacket… for some reason, I spent over my £10 limit on this one – but it is lovely! You can see my rat in the background, she sneaked in!


My lovely vintage slip – which yup, I wear as a dress! It goes fantastically with my yellow bertie shoes!


And this, actually one of Cie’s charity shop finds – which I promptly adopted. I haven’t had an occasion to wear it yet – but I’m sure I will find one!

Finally, my Laura Ashley dress from ebay – I am still trying to decide how to alter it – shortening it will be a lot of effort! Any suggestions?




1. Sarah@ElementalGrace - January 8, 2009

The books look wonderful … I must resist adding them to my ever expanding library(!) and I just have to say that you look utterly stunning in all your dresses.

2. gildedfolly - January 9, 2009

I’m glad you took that green dress – it looks amazing on you!

I absolutely LOVE that black and white dress, esp with white tights – wherever did you find it?

I have a favour to ask. I have three Laura Ashley dresses to take up but need someone to model them while I pin the hem. If you’ll be my dressmaker’s dummy and you would like me too, I could hem yours at the same time?! xx

3. mysterycreature1 - January 9, 2009

Sarah – thank you 🙂 The books are beautiful, now I just have to find time to read them!

Cie – it’s actually blue and white, believe it on not – and it was an eBay find, though still needs a bit of sewing here and there!

and yup, I will definately be your model in return for shortening my one – sounds a very fair deal!


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