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New thing for the week! January 12, 2009

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Remember my “challenging myself” new years resolution? Well, so far I have stuck to it – doing something new each week. Last week I watched Australia (beautiful, sad, and with clothes to die for) with my Uni friend Laura, and Cie, and also stayed up til 12 playing pictionary for the first time in my life.

This week I seem to be attempting two new things! Or maybe even three! I have just decided that to further my career and add to my ability set I am going to sign up to the local web design course, which starts this Thursday. As well as serving obvious personal development purposes (Woo, go me! And this is OUTSIDE of work!), this will get me more involved in my local community, which is never a bad thing.

Secondly, I have taken my aspirations towards food writing into new areas. My recipe page on this blog is testament to the fact I like to cook – but I found the process of adding page after page (why has noone developed the idea of having two blogs combined into one site?!) tiring to say the very least, and my posting gradually tailed off. In remedy to this, I have decided to launch a new blog, called “Digging for Truffles“. On this blog I hope to catalogue cool bits and pieces I find during my everyday Internet trawling, chart my recipes, and generally gain myself some food writing experience.

In line with this, I am probably going to close down my “I want to write a book” site – it is simply too difficult for me to attempt to put my life on paper, whilst documenting all the ups and downs. I want to be able to take this emotional roller coaster ride at whatever pace I wish – even if that means suspending myself at the top of the loop-the-loop before I decide to swoop down it. Of course, good mate Jasmine will still be my immediate go to editor/friend – writing blog or no writing blog.

My final new thing will be an exercise DVD – cue uncoordinated thrashing, jumping and no doubt muscle strain!



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