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Skiving January 29, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Life, Chatter & Politics, Vintage.
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I haven’t posted on here for a week. I have been busy seeking out replacement rats for little Storm (who is incredibly mopey – the only bonus being that she has discovered she loves Ben and I!). I have actually found 2 – one in Oxford which we collect this Saturday (a fancy rat from a rescue brood that totalled over 40 baby rats in the end), and one in Leeds which I am currently arranging the meet up for. The Leeds one is a gorgeous little Rex rat, which means it has curly hair! I cannot wait to get them!

Anyway, I obviously haven’t spent all of my time rat researching – I just haven’t felt like posting and so have avoided it. Of course, I have plenty of other excuses – I joined a gym (and went!), bought my valentines/anniversary present for Ben (approaching 2 years on the 13th Feb!), and also learnt just how to effectively over-use brackets!

I have been trying to find some more freelancework, as I am aware that my skills set, whilst broad-ranging- could use a bit of extra *spark* to bulk it up. I am also considering joining a web design course at the beginning of February to make myself a more rounded person. I really want to get down to starting a Marketing certificate, but am aware that money wise I will have to delay this until I have saved for a year. My writing for www.largom.com, however, has become pretty interesting of late – a couple of weeks ago I got to write a piece on pod-homes – fascinating bits of architecture! I will post the link as soon as it is up.

I apologise – this post has become like a diary post – or even worse, a shopping list of what I have and haven’t yet achieved this week. But at least you know I haven’t forgotten you all, and have just had a little break.

Here are this weeks eBay buys – i seem to be leaning towards Hippy-ness and the 60’s at the moment, and have made a conscious decision to move from fashion loving to fashion collecting – I hope to build up a beautiful collection of clothes! woop!

Sound of music dress

This beautful dress seems slightly “post-hippy” to me – only a tenner! My eBay spend has been going up recently, with good returns!


This nightdress has definate potential for a day dress! Only £3.99

sixties dress, bow

Finally this 60s dress is gorgeous – and in crinolene so it could really be more “vintage” – this was my most expensive buy of the past few months at £12.50!



1. Sarah@ElementalGrace - February 3, 2009

Love the post hippy dress, especially. Looks like something I would wear with jeans.

I just wanted to say that if you really want to learn web design, it’s what I do for a living and if you want to learn a bit or have a chat about it, then please give me a shout. Would be happy to help.


mysterycreature1 - February 4, 2009

It’s a lovely dress – so unusual.

Sarah, thanks for that. I might get a bit of advice off you at some point – look out for an email!

2. Sarah@ElementalGrace - February 4, 2009

Hehe. Anytime, I don’t have that much on right now so it would be quite welcome.

Would love to see some pics of you in the dress. I have a feeling it would be sort of boho-glam. Awesome.

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