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Conscious fashion February 11, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Inspiration.
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I love my wardrobe. After all, the items have all come from my effort and (most importantly) my purse. My shoe collection holds exactly what I need, and my clothes hit the perfect spot between wacky and sane (for me, that is!). However, I have begun to aspire for something more that a wardrobe that is “good”. I want a wardrobe where every item makes me feel “wow” inside. Not items that need to be in-your-face, but items that express subtlety and fashion-intelligence with every swing of a skirt or step of a heel. I will post my shoes on here soon, as I think my collection is beginning to lean towards this.

Clothes, however, are a different story. I am feeling fed up, in a way that has been building for the past few months. I have draws full of tops that simply arent’ all that great. Now, there is nothing wrong with having the basics – plenty of coloured t-shirts, strappy tops and jumpers, but all by other tops have hit boring. There is really nothing there that stands out – and when I think about it, all I own that really expresses me is my dresses.

Therefore, I feel like setting myself a challenge. A challenge to clear out my clothes draws of all the old and downright boring trash that I haven’t been able to bring myself to get rid of. I will post the best finds (because we all know how items you are sure you have never owned turn up in your drawers during a clean-out!), and all the dregs will either head in eBay’s direction, or to the charity shop, where someone else will have the imagination necessary to do them Justice.

I am, you see, aiming for a work style that isn’t just quirky – like this girl. I want fantastic suits, individual shirts and more than a little flare. I also want some designer items, and more accessories. A it is I have 2 full size handbags (I need to upgrade!), a few boring belts, and not much else.

From here on in, my wardrobe gets a conscious fashion makeover.



1. gildedfolly - February 11, 2009

Ahh, yes – Londyn is fantastic isn’t she! Love her style.

I always have problems finding tops that show any individuality. Last year I stole inspiration from both Londyn and Cameron on House MD and began wearing a wasitcoat over tops (like I am today!) to add structure, shape and something extra – but aside from this I just can’t make tops look as fabulous as a lot of people can.

Of course, with you having those amazingly long legs and looking fabulous in trousers/jeans, you won’t have any throuble on that score…

2. Sarah@ElementalGrace - February 11, 2009

Oh and who doesn’t love a good waistcoat, or a good scarf come to that! SO I think part of it is accessorising BUT I discovered a love of pattern and texture last year that has made an astonishing difference to my wardrobe as I’ve been making it over.

I’m not necessarily talking Put Butcher style garish unless that’s your thing but I’ve often found that very subtle stripes or detailing can make a world of difference to what would otherwise be a very plain affair indeed. Not to mention, plain clothes are v easy and cheap to customise. That and I fell in love with the Mistral/Waltons brand.

If you have one in Leamington, you’ll see what I mean. Inspiration agogo 🙂

3. mysterycreature1 - February 11, 2009

I have never heard of Mistral/Waltons… will have to do some investigating. Everyone has been talking about patterns recently – I always intend to buy them, but as of yet nothing has turned up that I actually REALLY want.

Cie – I just need to buy trousers, lol! I don’t won many, plus all my jeans have just collapsed and died on me! Plus, I don’t fit in the majority of my trousers and more, meaning I have to replace them! Also (plus plus? like p.p.s?) I have toi get 34 inch leg.. and only expensive places do them 😦

4. Top shopping « Second Hand Shopper - February 28, 2009

[…] Last week A Typical Atypical (AKA mysterycreature1 AKA Lauren!) wrote a post about sorting through her wardrobe to get rid of anything that didn’t have “wow” factor – that didn’t make her […]

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