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Skirt Suits February 11, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Semi-Daily eBay, Thrifting.
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I am aware that this blog is currently becoming more fashion blog than anything else! But bear with me gals – I’m in a phase and it’s great fun! Of course, this has always been part fashion blog – it’s just leaningmore and ore in that direction this week! To the point where I am about to write my second post in a day!

Further to my last post, I have been looking for cheapy skirt suits. Not necessarily to wear as full blown suits (I am easily swamped by too much of the same), but to equip my wardrobe with smart fun suits to which I can add my own “edge”.

I need feedback on this one though! I have found the following – do any of them have potential? P.S I know the colourful Monsoon one is more that a little bit crazy, but I kind of like it!


Jane Norman skirt suit, eBay, currently £4.99


Karen Millen skirt suit (beautiful), eBay, currently £4.50!


Monsoon skirt suit, eBay, currently £4.99



1. Benjamin - February 11, 2009

not so sure on the monsoon one. Lots of love, your boyfriend who “never reads your blog ;-)”

2. mysterycreature1 - February 11, 2009

Didn’t think you’d like the Monsoon one! Hehe, well, you’ve clearly got more committed 😛

3. gildedfolly - February 11, 2009

The Jane Norman one is a bit 90s for my tastes – would have to see it on.

LOVE the Karen Millen!

The Monsoon one screams “clown” to me, yet I kinda love it! Hmm…

4. nectarfizz - February 12, 2009

I like the second one a lot!

mysterycreature1 - February 13, 2009

So did I 🙂

I didn’t win it though.. went up to £20! I am far too much of a cheap skate to pay that price, even if it was probably worth it!

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