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Mon Anniversaire! February 13, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics.
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Today is mine and Ben’s 2 year anniversary. Of course, most of my friends consider this to be a stupid date, as we so delayed our official couple-dom! Never mind though, it is always nice to have a date that officially celebrates something so easily taken for granted. I want to be soppy for a moment (Please skip to the next paragraph if desired), and let Ben know just how much I love him. I love that we can laugh hysterically together about the silliest things (rat weeing on my head, anyone?!), and talk seriously about the deepest things. I love that he will let me take all his heat when I climb cold and shivery into bed, and that he will barely complain when I put my cold feet on him. I love that he pretends to be fed up of my continual clothes buying, but will still encourage me to purchase, and to keep hold of as much as I can.

Ok, that’s the cringe-worthy stuff out of the way. It may make peoples insides shrivel up in repulsion, but it needs to be said, and it’s all true!

Anyway, I have been thinking recently about how much I miss people. A sit happens my life is taking on quite a rosy glow at the moment – I have lots of plans, lots of places to be. But I9 keep catching myself missing all the people that I don’t see enough of. I have plans with people, plans to get to see them. But some of the guys at uni, and the guys at home – I worry that we might never REALLY see each other again, aside from passing meetings and the occasional coinciding dates.

So, in the spirit of that over-marketed holiday, Valentines day, I would like to extend my love to all of you, and let you know that even if I don’t get to see you much, I lvoe you all 🙂



1. Benjamin - February 15, 2009


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