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Capitalist society, eat my shorts (or swap them!) February 19, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Thrifting, Vintage.
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I often find it sad that society today is quite so focused on the act of buying. I don’t really understand why the owning of physical items purchased with your own cash is so important – I have always lent more towards the idea of trade – a skill or item of equal worth being exchanged for a another. What one person has in excess being their currency, each persons merit and abilities “funding” their chosen lifestyle. I would prefer to pay in kind rather than exchange meaningless scraps of paper and disks of metal, which only have meaning for the sake of capitalism.

That said, I love money. I like the independence of earning it, the freedom to do with it what you want (within legal limits, of course!), and the ease with which your “wealth” can be calculated and budgeted. As something you can count and pin down, money is invaluable (no pun intended) for planning your future.

However, I have always liked the idea of trading. I have liked the prospect of wandering into a vintage shop and swapping your unwanted items for things you do want, of having a lovely massage in exchange for a piece of writing. That is why I really like the new site that I have just registered with – http://www.whatsmineisyours.com/. It is a chance to finally balance out the world – to exchange with like minded others and to get lots of extra clothes in the bargain.

Check it out, it’s great! Sorry for sounding like a walking advert, but I always get excited at the prospect of swapping – it feels like getting something for nothing, without leaving someone else with nothing for something!

Some of my best picks:

Black and white gold beaded dress

60's dress

Fantastic case:

vintage case

Fancy pants Dior purse and eye shadow:

dior purse


1. andy - February 19, 2009

also check out Bigwardrobe.com – the internet’s biggest clothes swap site x

2. Jen - February 27, 2009

Thanks for the comment – yes it is fab! I can’t wait to get swapping 😉

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