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Birthday adventures March 8, 2009

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Sorry for the lack of posts recently – I went home to Tavistock to celebrate my birthday, and had great fun!

Here’s a little update for y’all!

Friday: We went to the zoo today, which was great fun. It was nice to go to a zoo that was smaller than normal, where we could wander around relatively uninterrupted, and see some cuter, less obvious creatures. My mum got wildly excited at the capibarras (her all time favourite, I plan to import her a house capibarra years in the future, hehe), and even my animal-neutral dad got all worked up over the fact that they had skunks! My favourites were the panther (AKA, the Beast of Exmoor!), who sat on a high plateau in his min kingdom, surveying us with  impressively glowing yellow eyes. I wouldn’t have liked to bump into him in a dark alley, let me tell you!

Here are some pretty pictures, of the mini monkesy (cute and social little chappies), the otters, and the kissing foxy creatures (just wait and see):

mini monkey

mini monkey 2

Otters at exmoor zoo

foxy creatures

Saturday was spent being much more relaxed, after the adventures at the zoo. Ben and I wandered round town, having an astonishingly cheap lunch in a surreal little tea rooms in the heart of Tavistock. Decorated as the inside of someones Georgian home (dodgy electrics of an old period house and all), we sat amongst an aged clientele, and gorged on a home made chicken roast, and apple and blackberry crumble – all of the princely sum of £4.95! Incredible. The place seemed to be being run by tetchy teenage boys, and the house definitely sure what it should be (strange uncomfortable vibes if ever there were any), but for that price we weren’t complaining. Plus it was gorgeously decorated – a real vintage haven. In the evening was a trip to see Watchmen in Plymouth, an the traditional Pizza Hut dinner! Great!

foulstons, tavistock

Finally on Sunday we got around to having my birthday torte – my mothers first attempt at cooking a cake since I was 8 – when it legendarily turn out more like a biscuit than a cake! After numerous similar attempts, she kind of gave up! I will give her this though – whilst still not perfect (hehehe), this cake was much better – and the icing was divine! Isn’t it pretty?!

chocolate torte

chocolate torte



1. winnie - March 12, 2009

So pretty! Those candles look so pretty!

mysterycreature1 - March 16, 2009

HI Winnie

They are gorgeous aren’t they?!

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