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Picnic time March 21, 2009

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church in kenilworth

The sun continued today, as I had hoped. Me, Ben and Cie were heading to Kenilworth for an afternoon of charity shop shopping (plenty of finds – a spotty skirt, some brand new Faith shoes, a pretty cup and saucer etc etc) – and I had been hoping all week that the sun would continue, and allow us a proper pre-summer picnic.

To give you a little background, I have just finished reading the very good book that is “The Gargoyle” – one of the Richard & Judy book club books. The book is very good – about a burn victim, with lots of graphic descriptions and jumping between generations in time. In addition to all the burning etc, the main female character, Marianne Engel, has the ability to conjure astounding picnics – encapsulating a whole culture in a picnic. Read it – it’s inspiring!

My picnic therefore, was rather expansive. Think fresh French baguette, with… brie, salami, ham, chutney, cheese, pate, coleslaw, tomatoes, feta, salad, etc. We sat in the pretty grounds, and feasted ourselves silly! I also made fresh chocolate muffins – which were, if I say so myself, delicious! See the results on my food blog, here – we ate them with strawberries – and apart from the occasional cold breeze it was really summery!

Kenilworth scenery

Wasn’t it lovely?

summery picnic



1. Cathy - March 26, 2009

Your picnic sounds lovely! I’m enjoying your blog… and linked you up at mine….

mysterycreature1 - March 26, 2009

Hi Cathy, thanks for dropping by 🙂 The picnic was great, if we ever get another sunny weekend (yeah, right!) I shall do it again!

2. annie - March 26, 2009

So it wasn’t so bad all those picnics I forced you all on when you were kids. Nice to know you have improved on the fare I offered you. There’s nothing Quite like a picnic. Next best thing to camping!

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