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To illustrate the point March 22, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Art.
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I have always enjoyed drawing – at uni I worked with arcylics (still one of my favourite mediums), but since I left I haven’t had much of a chance  to draw anything – until now.

As my creative bone (located right next to my inventive bone, but quite a way away from my boring bone) has been a-tingling recently, it seemed that Ben buying a guide to drawing mystical creatures was perfectly timed. I wanted to draw – and so draw I shall. Hopefully this new-found follow-through creativity (where I don’t just talk I actually do) will keep going into the knitting plan!

Here’s some of what I drew!

owl sketch

The owl was surprisingly easy to draw – so as soon as I get hold of some acrylics I hope to draw a fire bird type creature, and a feathery watery counterpart.

hell hound sketch

My hell hound! I was pleased with this one, it’s really quite creepy!

manga angel

I have discovered that whilst I can just about draw bodies (at least with some practise I will be able to), I cannot draw faces – even Manga style, which is supposed to make it easier!



1. Liberty London Girl - March 22, 2009

Thank you for your lovely! LLGxx

mysterycreature1 - March 22, 2009

You thanking me? I have discovered so many lovely blogs through yours – I ought to thank you! xx

2. Toni - March 22, 2009

Oh my! I’m so impressed – I can only draw straight lines, and then there’s never any guarantee they’ll actually be… you know… straight. I absolutely love the owl in particular.

If you do any more, do post them, they’re lovely to look at! x

mysterycreature1 - March 23, 2009

Hi Toni

I will keep posting them 🙂 But re: the straight lines – I avoid them like the plague, cos I wobble all over the place – it’s chronic! hehe!


3. annie - March 26, 2009

fab drawings. Really impressed. Especially love the owl. So talented.

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