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Blog dreams March 26, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Photos.
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I’m not very good with the whole outfit shot thing, am I? Even thoug I have so many clothes, I do not have a space in which I can be photographed successfully. I will work on this honest. Plus, I didn’t like what I was wearing today – it was just one of those irritating “off” days that we all have. It might have had something to do with forgetting to wash (as you do) so having to get up really early, and not having time to dry my hair properly, so feeling stressed and crazy and snappy and ARRRGGHH. Just possibly something to do with that. Maybe.

Anyway, I am sellingmy camera (note, I only bought it because it had the potential to take super super close up macro pictures. That was my only consideration, and probably wasn’t the best call). I am selling it to my mother (if I can find another wire for it) for a bargain price, as she for some reason cannot survive without a view finder on a camera, and my one has lovely capabilities.

See, I have spent today searching cameras can now am talking in terms of features and capabilities!

This is the one I want:

A powershot G9, but it is a tad beyond my (very small, some call it compact – se what I did there?!) budget. Oh well, a gal can dream. In the next couple of weeks I hope to actually have a good camera – so my photos can be… wait for it… good!

One day I shall be as good as my long time favourite fashion photographer, Horst P Horst – see below. This images was borrowed from PDN.



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