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Sunshine April 14, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics.
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I have spent the past few weeks descending deeper and deeper into a pit of sun-deprived despair. It sounds like melodrama (and lets face it, it probably is!!), but if I don’t get regular sun I turn into a troll. I get grumpy, depressed, angry. I also have a horrible habit of fading paler and paler into creamy insignificance, such that the majority of people I know will repeatedly ask if I am ok, or dying from the dreaded lurgy. No, I reply patiently, I just need the sun.

It has been sunny at home recently, which has made me feel a little better. However, British sun is like a nicotine patch – it can dampen the cravings, but not make them go away. I need delicious hot hot heat, searing rays, hot sand and hazy mountains. I need a holiday, but ONLY a holiday in the sun.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this is going to be an easy feat! Ben is saving in case his job is in danger (which, lets face it, all jobs in Manufacturing are), and anytime we do both have free falls smack bang in the school holidays – WAY above my measly budget!!

However, I am sure we will find a way to get away – even if it means me going on holiday to a hot place by myself. I am worried if I don’t, I will fade into nothingness, paleness turning to transparency!

So, in the spirit of summer, I have decided to list a few of my favourite sunny things!

1. Mojito’s! Cocktails in general are great, but this fresh and zingy stunner instantly makes me think “sun!!”

2. Beaches – don’t get me wrong, I love doing more than just “beaching” on holiday – I like exploring the villages, mountains, local area, local cuisines – but only if I get to do a little lying in the sun, and not thinking about anything at all. Mmmmm…

topshop vintage bikini

I would wear this lovely bikini from Topshop, and this lovely vintage sunhat!

3. Pine trees. There is something beautiful about the aroma of pine trees and herbs on a distant mountain side – they evoke the idea of holidays and sun instantly. A holiday without this smell would be very odd!

pine tree

Right, off I go to trawl the Internet for holidays! Wish me luck!!



1. Diana - April 14, 2009

Come visit Florida! It’s almost always sunny and hot here (except for today).

2. Amber - April 14, 2009

Oh God, I know exactly what you mean: I’m also totally dependent on the sun for my sanity – if I don’t have a holiday to look forward to I end up completely miserable! Good luck finding something 🙂

3. Wicked Halo - April 14, 2009

retro bathing suits are totally making a comeback this year, this one is really cute!

4. mysterycreature1 - April 14, 2009

Diane – Oh, I would love to go to florida – it is so lovely the idea of largely continual sun! Ah, yet more dreams…

Amber – and you’re in Scotland! It was dark enough for me in Lancaster – too north and I lose all my brain to the darkness! hehe

Wicked Halo – isn’t it lovely?! I would love to find a decent vintage one – but would live in fear of it dissolving with old age in the pool!

5. annie - April 20, 2009

Well as I suffer the same problem, your father and i sold our souls at a holiday club/ time share type presentation on saturday. 21/2 hours of hell but came away with a free holiday sometime in the next 2 years but not the next 6 months, they don’t like to make it easy. So you are on for that whenever, but i know it doesn’t solve the need for sun NOW.

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