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The oddest night ever… April 15, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Media, TV & Film, Rants.
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Lat night we went to the theatre to see the Snow Queen.  All geared up for a dramatic extravaganza, full of sparkles, costumes and acrobatics, we ended up completed shocked.

snow queen warwick arts centre

Let me give you a brief synopsis – this should explain why it was odd!

  1. Large man wearing the mirror stood on stage accompanied by large group of “accomplices” – all wearing masks on their bottoms. Lots of toilet humour in this one!
  2. Two friends, the boy gets iced and kidnapped by the snow queen. On the journey to find him and bring him back, Gerda encounters an number of people…
  3. A large woman with a rake in a garden of dancing flowers – wearing flower covered y-fronts. Gerda falls asleep in the big garden woman’s skirt, and is awoken by a rose.
  4. Gerda meets two people/crows – a woman (played by a man) and a man (played by a woman). After some flirting and horrible groping between the bird couple, they take gerda to the prince thinking he might be who she is looking for.
  5. The prince and princess are hanging from ribbons in the ceiling and dance for a bit.
  6. Later on in her journey Gerda meets a pack of robbers who are going to eat her. She becomes the toy of the daughter, along with a bird-creature and a fat reindeer.
  7. After telling her story to the horrible violent robber-girl, her and the reindeer are allowed to go to the north pole.
  8. At the north pole, they meet three midgets wearing thneedswho are fishing with a colander and a stick. They fish out three fish – a strawberry fish, a lemon fish, and a football fish.
  9. Eventually she finds the boy and they leave to go home.

Understand why it was odd?! I think, quite honestly, this was the Snow Queen on Acid! Absolutely absurd, acted for some reason in an Italian accent, and complete rubbish! Still, we went for free, so I am very glad we didn’t spend nearly 30 quid to see it!

On a completely different (and hopefully more normal!) note, have a look at some of the lovely little finds from a weekend in Stafford. First, this clock – it’s little and vintage, and still ticks. It isn’t all that great at keeping time, so I am planning to take it into a clock man for tightening! Oh, and it’s a travel clock, so slides closed. A bargain – only £3.50!

vintage westclox travel clockvintage westclox travel clock

My other gem was a wedgewood teapot, to re-sell!

wedgewood teapot


1. winnie - April 15, 2009

Oh you did well on scoring that Wedgewood teapot!

The adaption of the snow queen really does sound bizaare!

2. mysterycreature1 - April 16, 2009

Hi Winnie – it’s a lovely teapot isn’t it! And it was a bargain, whihc always helps.

Oh and the Snow Queen – now down as one of the weirdest shows in history!

3. Andrea - April 19, 2009

Wowza, that adaptation sounds so strange!

4. Marianne - April 20, 2009

Oh, I had a kids version of the Snow Queen when I was little and I loved it!

Beautiful teapot too 🙂

5. mysterycreature1 - April 20, 2009

Andrea – thanks for popping by. It was so odd I’m still shocked!

Marianne – this wasn’t so much a kids adaptation was a raving loonies adaptation! Very peculair and the kids were all stunned into confused silence too!

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