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We’re all going on our Summer Holiday April 25, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics.
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Hi All, sorry for the delay. I’ve been feeling lonely this week, and all the ideas I have for posts have been flitting into my brain and then flitting right back out! I can’t remember any of them! From now on, I aim to employ the notebook technique, and scribble the ideas down as soon as I have them!

I’m at home alone today, and aisde from buying pretty things in town (finally bought a traditional mixing bowl for a bargain £2.50!) I have spent the day looking for Holidays to Turkey. We have the dates, and now we just have to search long and hard for the best bargain basement holiday.

traditional mixing bowlI can’t imagine how relieved Ben must be that we are actually going on holiday, as for the past few weeks I have been slowly turning more and more psychotic. I have been repressing the feeling that my sun time is running out, but can’t hid it any more. What is sun time, I hear you ask?

Sun time the amount of time your last holiday will last for – there is the first month or so of glowing warmth and left over suntan. Then follows the period of time where your inner Vitamin D keeps you going, where you still look wistfully back on your trip and bore anyone who will listen with tales of the “glorious scenery” or “historic tales”. For me, sun is my heroin, except one decent dose can keep me going for months!

Now though, it has been too long. I am no longer chirpy and happy – I am instead Little Miss Evil. I snap, I jibe, I hassle. When I don’t find a holiday I sulk, when it rains, I sob. I dream about the sun, the smell of foreign climes, the feel of grains of sand (that is, in-between the dreams like the one I had last night where, symbolically, I was a crazy cow being chased through a field by an evil genius. As you do…). I also dream about my walk in closets and endless tidy space, but at least the holiday idea is feasible!

So hopefully once the holiday is actually booked, I can carry on on borrowed time No more crazy madwoman, and definitely no more late night arguments about why I want to go on holiday more than anyone in the world, and why people should be throwing free holidays at my feet just to make me happy! I will have my methadone, and hopefully can carry on until my “real”  hit!

So – holiday’s ahoy it is (and I promise sometime this week I will actually write an interesting post!)


1. Rachael - April 26, 2009

I know what you mean about lack of sunshine. I’m in freezing ass cold Melbourne and it’s quite depressing. I’m even considering visiting a solarium for a quick dose of vitamin D. By the way, I like your blog very much and thanks for commenting on mine.

Rachael 🙂

2. mysterycreature1 - April 27, 2009

Hi Rachael – thanks for dropping by!

Solariums are such a good idea – I considered gettgin one of those desktop sun lamps – continual D-doses whilst at work!

Sounds like melbourne is juts as bad as here currently!

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