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Luxury Prom/Graduation Dresses May 7, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Vintage.
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I mentioned earlier in the week how my man and I had been invited to a very posh do at Birmingham University. This involves canapes (utterly sublime, hugely edible canapes), a three course luxury meal, and lots of networking. Or in my case, as a lowly Marketing Assistant, I stand around being asked what I do and ignored once it is discovered how un-influential I am! Always fun! Any way, this of course has resulted in the search for the perfect evening dress. It’s a similar search to what all those people are doing looking for the best graduation dresses of the most beautiful prom outfits – just I’m doing it for business!

Last year I wore my sister’s prom dress, a lovely black satin fishtail dress that looked beautiful. This year, however, I want a graduation-style dress that I can call my own. It seems a good investment to buy one luxury dress that will last a few seasons (and span a few trends) so that it can be used in future years – perhaps just with different accessories.

So, here is my selection of the best floor length gowns around, whether its for a 5 star black tie event, a graduation ceremony or a prom. Delightful! If you are hunting for the best graudation dresses on the market, or if the date of your prom is looming – then these dresses should be brilliant for you too!

monsoon ruffle dress

Ok, good start. This prom dress isn’t actually full length – but it is sexy and high-fashion enough (I have drooled other the lookalike in SATC for many a year) to fulfil both current(think delicate soft ruffles) and classic trends. Searching online for dresses like this for your graduation is notoriously difficult, but loyal favourites like monsoon always pull through! This would look great on people like me with minimal curves, and on the vivacious alike.


The second dress is better for proms that graduation, and even more perfect for black tie events – it is actually full length, not a cheap imitation! Not so much a statement dress, this beautiful ballgown is modest, but imminently sexy. Delightful, feminine and slightly Grecian. My favourite feature, predictably, is the colour, as my skin when tanned looks even richer against turquoise!

coast statement dress with bow

My third choice involved daring myself to choose something sophisticated and different. I ended up looking for dresses that I would consider perfect for the clasiest events, and would only work at a very formal graduation event or really fancy prom! This is that statement prom dress that would blow your dates mind! I decided that a big bow and unusual delicate colour would be just the thing!

ruby satin ballgown

My fourth choice is a fantastic and ridiculously over-the-top number from eBay. I have actually been eying up similar tumbling, flowing ballgowns for years. eBay is my single favourite location for finding prom dresses – the variety and the price are without fail fantastic. This particular over-the-top gem stood out from all the others. It’s probably of questionable quality, but it’s stand alone beauty is undeniable! This stems from my hidden desire to be a princess! I would never actually wear it (would anyone?!), but simply couldn’t leave it out of the list!


My final choice is a vintage prom dress. This would be my automatic instinct for a party dress that I want to last – it will have already stood the test of time. Iconic vintage items always look good and never age – and online vintage stores are the best place to find unique and fantasic prom or graduation dresses. The only problem was choosing a favourite from a very special collection! This one I could not afford (unless it was a wedding dress, or some other equally good excuse) – it’s $689!

As I suspected from the start, this hasn’t helped me find my dress at all! Instead, it has given me an idea of the vast quantities of fantastic full length dresses out there – and has also made me realise how classy shorter length dresses can in fact be. Argh, decisions decisions!



1. Diana - May 7, 2009

I like the blue Grecian style one the best.

2. najeema - May 8, 2009

I love dress #1! You’re so lucky to have an excuse to get dressed up!

3. Raquel - May 9, 2009

oh I adore the first one! it has a little bit of fairy tale vibe!

4. J - May 9, 2009

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

I’m envious of the event you’re going to. That vintage number is stunning. It’s such a memorable piece!!

5. gilda - May 10, 2009

i love the vintage dress! haha. good luck finding the perfect one. i think the ONE is like finding mr right. you’ll probably know it when you meet it!

6. mysterycreature1 - May 10, 2009

Ooh god I’ve been crap at commenting back haven’t I! Sorry!

Diana – The blue colour is fabulous isn’t it?!

Najeema – I know, isn’t it fun. It’s so rare I get to go to posh events, I can’t wait!

Raquel – that one and the vintage one are my favourites!

J – I sooooo wish I could afford the vintage one 😦 Must start saving…

Gilda – very true! It really is true that you can search as long and as hard as you like, but there will only be that one perfect dress!

7. Wicked Halo - May 15, 2009

I really love the blue dress and that last vintage number…way cool 🙂
it’s great to have an excuse to play dress up 😀

8. mysterycreature1 - May 15, 2009

It is – not that I need much of an excuse at all! The slgithest hint someone may need fashion advice, and I’m there!

9. elf - May 31, 2009

I like the blue one, where can I buy it?

10. Is it a good idea to purchase a prom dress on Ebay? - August 9, 2009

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11. harley.bakken - January 24, 2010

they are very beautiful dresses ,but could use some crazy ,!!!:)

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