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Retro – what era am I? May 12, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, What I Wore.
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Sometimes I wonder if I am a blast from the past. I have friends who are clearly meant to have grown up in another era – the Victorian age, or the heady hippy heydays. For me, I occasionally catch myself dreaming of ancient times. Of Earth goddesses and wild creatures. Of raging winds and savage hunts. I long for a simpler life all about surviving.

At other times, I feel completely rooted in the current century. I depend disappointingly upon my laptop, music, television. I read books, and couldn’t survive without them. All this said, I am not completely comfortable in this time, this era isn’t quite a fit. It jars against my skin every day, although I rarely notice. Just occasionally, I can’t shake the feeling of wrongness from my shoulders.

I wonder if this is why my fashion sense is so varied. Why I feel this close relationship to vintage clothes, pre-loved items stolen out of their relevant era. It isn’t just one decade – yesterday I wore a long knitted peasant dress, like something from puritan times. The other week, I wore sixties crinoline, and could practically taste the revolution in the air. I wear gladiator shoes, killer 80’s heels, sexy Mary Janes. Flowery numbers, noughties jeans.

eighties vintage shirt and pencil skirt

Last week I was all about the eighties – just with reduced or removed shoulder pads! The bright purple picked up my mood, the pencil skirt screamed power-dressing.

I wonder what era I will be next week?



1. dapper kid - May 12, 2009

That purple blouse is beautiful 🙂 I know what you mean, I often feel a sense of yearning for some bygone era, maybe we all just want to live in simpler times?

2. mysterycreature1 - May 12, 2009

I agree 🙂 That said, were we living in those “simpler times” I bet we would wish exactly the same. The world is as complicated as we make it, and all that jazz…

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