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It’s all relative May 16, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Advice, Fashion, Life, Chatter & Politics, Vintage, What I Wore.
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I’ve been thinking about body size and body image this weekend. Today was spent in Birmingham, shopping for bikinis and shorts for my upcoming holiday (pause for moment of wild untethered excitement… eeeeeeeeeee!!). Having put on a stone (or possibly more) in the past year, I am missing the naturally slender body that I used to have. I am not overweight, but as I say above, it is all relative. Friends had it right! To me, no longer fitting in my favourite clothes and looking dramatically different makes me feel bad about how I look and truly embarrassed that I don’t look like I once did. For me, I feel overweight because of how small I used to be, even though others would still say I am small.

Personal perception of changes etc, means that how you feel about your body weight is completely personal. Which is why I am actually going to have two weeks of dieting. I believe I will feel better if I know I have done what I can to grab hold of my increasing eating habits and give them a good shake. Doing exercise and losing a little weight before my holiday will hopefully kick start the self esteem that has plummeted in the past few weeks. I bought two bikinis today – but no shorts, because I couldn’t get past the imaginary fat I saw all over. The bikinis I only go away with by pretending they were underwear, and hoping they would look good when the sun was on my skin.

How odd, how we can leave behind all self esteem, How self-hate can become a regular thing, how we can lose the bits we love and only see the bits we don’t like. Sometimes it just takes a bit of a shake up to learn how to love ourselves again – and here’s hoping it works!

edith and ella dress

Anyway, I managed to buy a completely beautiful dress that is also totally unsuitable for a holiday. It was in TK Maxx (shop of the gods!), and is by Danish designers Edith & Ella. I love it!! I did manage to buythe two bikinis (don’t think you’d appreciate a picture of those somehow…) and some comfy Scholl shoes though, so my holiday mission wasn’t completely lost!

Some other cool things from today – the mirrored Tigra car! Sooo funky and I really wish they did it as an actual car you could buy! Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case – but it does look damn good!

mirrored tigra car



1. Amy - May 16, 2009

Is that you in the photo? you gotta be kidding girl…you look awesome. Gosh I wish I was as petite as you. There’s nothing wrong with how you look at all. btw thanks for your comment at my blog 🙂

2. mysterycreature1 - May 16, 2009

Hi Amy

Thank you for being so nice. I know it’s just the fact I don’t fit in my pretty clothes any more… but enough comments like yours and I’m sure I’ll start to feel ok abot myslef again! 🙂 Thank you!

3. Rachael - May 16, 2009

You look great and that dress is beautiful, I would definitely be taking that on holiday. As for losing weight – you certainly don’t look like you need to, but it is exciting to be going on holiday. Years ago I went to bali and I spent the 4 weeks before hand doing the Jane fonda workout video every morning. When I came home though, I stopped completely!!

4. Diana - May 17, 2009

You look fantastic, but I can understand where you’re coming from. Body perception is truly relative. There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to eat healthy and exercise and continue fitting into your clothes. But don’t ever forget that you are beautiful, whether weight is gained or lost.

5. mysterycreature1 - May 17, 2009

Hi Rachael – thank you 🙂 The dress is lovely but unfortunately simply too heavy for a hot country like turkey. I would die! Aren’t holidays great for making you temporarily determined?!

Diana – as always, you’re so nice! I just need to make sure that my body perception encourages me to be good, but doesnt make be become ridiculous.

6. dreamsequins - May 18, 2009

You’re lovely but I can totally relate! I’m not overweight, either but I am what people would call petite or small-boned and I’m definitely not hauling myself to the gym. I prefer a good meal to a yoga class, unlike some of my taut friends in NY!

7. mysterycreature1 - May 19, 2009

Hi Dreamsequins- meals are definitely preferable to exercise. Unfortunately I still have to exercise, even though it’s not as fun!

8. annie - May 20, 2009

absolutely love the outfit. You know the body goes through many incarnations as we get older. Its important to keep fit and healthy but really we need to get away from this view of excess fat we have (don’t worry I’m no different), but really its just a load of bullshit from a male oriented media. We actually look great with our natural curves as long as we are toned and our posture is good. You look wonderful in the picture and i know you will look gorgeous in your bikinis.

9. Helen - May 27, 2009

oh wow i love that dress. i’ll have to get to my nearest tk maxx!

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