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Golden Summer Eyes May 18, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Makeup/Cosmetics.
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Went to a great Bell X1 gig last night – it was fantastic! I shall write a full post on it tomorrow!

Today, however, I thought I’d try my hand at a beauty post – because for once I was actually happy with how my makeup turned out! Makeup to me is something completely optional. I don’t always wear it – in fact, today I wore no makeupat all – just bare moisturised skin. Yesterday, however, I decided to have fun – and the art of makeup is one way to do that! Cie wrote a great poston the position of makeup as not just something to please men, but something that women use to give themselves enjoyment and satisfaction.

So (excusing my big nose that always looks bigger in photo) – here is how to get the light look:

Light makeup beauty tutorial

  1. Create a decent base – for this I use a light foundation (everything I use is no.7, mainly because they have great freebies!) which I apply with Bodyshop brush  these brushes are soo soft it’s lovely! I follow up the foundation with a light concealer under my eyes.
  2. To apply the makeup, I began my lining the inside of my upper eyelids with black eyeliner. If you are paler, use a brown shape. This defines your eyes, making them appear wider and with thick luxurious lashes.
  3. I next lined above my lashes in a gold line. I use a liquid liner swept across the whole lid – this line can be quite thick, just make sure to blend it in slightly if it is really wide.
  4. Once the liquid liner is dry, work a light gold/brown shade over the lid. If you have deep-set eyes, add a small touch of light shadow just under your brows.
  5. Add a touch of dark brown and charcol shadow at the outside corner of your eye, blend this in well.
  6. Finally, apply eye liner to the top, and if you are careful, to the bottom. And voila – you shoudl have light, bright eyes.

This is a look that I hope to wear on holiday. Whilst I normally wear barely anything on holiday, it’s a different matter on the hot heavy nights! Lovely!




1. dreamsequins - May 19, 2009

Love the way you did your eyes. They really “pop” to use beautyspeak 🙂 So I’m right there with you on the no makeup routine. Mostly out of laziness. But as I’ve been getting older, I’ve been forced to do makeup or people at work start asking me if I had enough sleep. Booo.

2. mysterycreature1 - May 19, 2009

It’s horrible that, isn’t it, Dreamsequins? At the moment, because it’s been soo long since I’ve been in the sun, people keep coming up to me and telling me how terribly pale and ill I look!


3. ellaella - May 22, 2009

I do like that look. I can see those eyes in a hot climate during a summer break.

My skin is totally mu optional and I find the older I get, the less makeup I wear…which makes me look younger and saves a looooot of time and money!

4. gunnar - September 27, 2009

ot’e just a nose, you look cute 😉

5. Ngetch - November 14, 2009

actually, your nose looks cute — it fits the other features of your face and you don’t look fake & plastic.

6. Huguin - May 17, 2010

Gorgeous face I don’t see anything wrong there.
Perfect nose for the way your eyes are shaped

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