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Have a little wiggle… May 20, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Music.
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Sunday night this week was spent at a Bell X1 gig. Having been in love with this band for so many years, I was ridiculously exited to actually be seeing them! Their albumswere with me through both the best (6th form summer holidays, quiet afternoons at university, my girlie holiday to Corfu) and the worst (feeling really depressed, struggling through terrible hangovers, times when both I and my corridor at uni were so sad and hormonal I’m surprised we survived) times in my life. They are one of those bands that have simply accompanied me through everything. To that end, some of their songs (Eve, Next to You or I’ll see your heart and I’ll raise you mine) will induce floods of tears, whilst other more upbeat tunes inspire a terrible show of wiggling wildly to the beat.

Bell x1

The gig was great (and they played all the songs I want – Nay! Needed! – them to play), but what really caught my attention was a woman near where Ben and I leaned.

As the music played, she danced. She was completely caught up in the music – smile beaming, she swayed and wiggled. Her hands flutters, her feet trotted, and I couldn’t take my eyes of here. She wasn’t a good dancer in the typical sense – there was no wiggling fo hips and sensuous sway. Instead, she was a truly natural dancer, so at peace with how she felt and expressed herself that it ceased to matter what she looked like.

I came out of that gig grinning at her sheer unadulterated abandon, and hoping that one day I end up like that. It is so preferable to ending up worried about how I look, holding back and possibly missing out on all the fun and dancing that real life and delicious music has to offer. And so what if people glance at her, and think she looks silly – as long as she is having fun in herself, it’s great!


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