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New shooooooooes? May 29, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion.
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A busy day, t’has been! My blogging frequency is about to plummet, as I am preparing to go on Holiday. Everything is nearly packed. I hope to leave two scheduled articles behind, but I also have to write a number of paid blog posts and articles before I go, so I’m not sure how late I’ll be up writing them before I leave on Sunday! To tempt you back, I will be writing a post of just what to pack for a holiday (real experience to draw on here!) and the very best vintage bikini styles on the market – both retro inspired and real vintage. I shall also hopefully get around to a couple of posts giving you links to cool articles and stuff to look at.

Aw, look at how I convince myself that people will mind me going away!

 Today (oh glorious, hot, sunny today) was spent with a certain degree of spaced-out-ed-ness. I switched into holiday mood at about 9am, and have been in a blurred and unproductive mood since. Not too unproductive, as I did manage to drift haphazardly into town, and somehow purchase two most beautiful pairs of shoes. For super-cheap sale prices!

bertie tom lace up shoes

First, a stunning yet functional pair with great contrasting sole and chunky heel. I could honestly wear these for a long walk (allbeit not on muddy ground) due to the chunky heel and dependable comfy fit of Bertie shoes. A confession? I have the  pearl version of these… I know they would fit!

A-bow blue patent heel - bertie

Second, a pair that honestly may be one of the most beautiful items offootwear I have EVER owned. See, they are so beautiful that I have resorted to capitals! Aside from being surprisingly easy to walk in, these are true, unusually coloured works of art.

Other than buying shoes, I have really experienced the  rare joy of British summers. When it is sunny, this can be one of the best countries to be in in the world. Not so much when rainy though! When the sun does dare to creep through the grey clouds and shine, however, we are in for a treat. The bright light shines on shimmering green lives, jewel coloured lakes. The world becomes beautiful!

summer leaves



1. Diana - May 30, 2009

Those blue patent stilettos are gorgeous! I don’t think I’d be able to walk in something like that without tripping constantly though.

2. mysterycreature1 - May 30, 2009

They are ridiculous, but also suprisingly comfortable My notoriously wobbly ankles only just wibble!I just need to stretch them a little to fit exactly!

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