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Wedding Fayre… June 15, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Family, Life, Chatter & Politics, Photos, Thrifting, What I Wore.
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Well, I have returned from the ridiculously far away exotic and distant land that is Inverness(ish). The wedding took place outside in the beautiful setting of Innes House, a stunning castle-like Scottish mansion with beautiful gardens and blessed also with beautiful sun. Following torrential and continual downfalls all morning, the afternoon wedding was conducted outside under fresh dewy sunshine – it was stunning.

The journey up (and to be fair the journey back) was exhausting. Taking 10 hours by coach, we departed our house at 11.30pm and finally pulled up at the campsite by 1.30pm the next day. Tiring to say the very least! After a day of being completely out of it, we all rallied around and dug out our last reserves of energy for the wedding on the following day. Despite absurd levels of drunkenness on my part (sorry Cie for ruining a few photo’s with funny faces…), the night was an absolute stonker!

For my first wedding, it was a fantastic experience!

Anyways, as promised, here was what I wore. This is the Ted Baker dress that I picked up a few weeks ago in a Charity shop for £6 – great eh? I really really love it!

Wedding outfit - ted baker

  • Hat: £2, Charity shop 30 minutes before the wedding!
  • Dress: £6, Ted Baker (thrifted)
  • Tights: Victoria Secret, £1 (thrifted)
  • Shoes (glorious shoes!): Bertie, £30

All in all, I can consider myself sold on the whole wedding idea! Participation (without all the hassles) is definitely the way to go. Now, if only someone I know would hitch the knot..


1. Katie - June 15, 2009

I LOVE IT! Your outfit is amazing. I am drooling over it (and that price!). I just got a yellow dress for a wedding. Not so cheap, but I am really excited about wearing it with blue shoes like you’ve done. Hope you’re rested again.

2. dreamsequins - June 16, 2009

Love the hat and the shoes! So pretty! A great compliment to the green dress and your boy’s tie!

3. Veronica - June 16, 2009

love those shoes! XD

4. mysterycreature1 - June 16, 2009

Hi Katie – ooh, blue and yellow are such a lovely combination. Bright yet edgy. You must put pictures up!

Hi Dream – Ben’s brill – he alwasy picks a tie to go with ym outfit. Isn’t that great?

Hi Veronica – these shoes are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I simply cannot get over how much I love them!

5. Kac_C - June 17, 2009

Hey gorgeous! I have to comment and say how ‘abby fabby gorgeoioso’ you were!
Sort of like a female peacock ( don’t know what she would be called)….strutting your stuff!
It was a fabulous day….
I hope the long journey didin’t put you off coming back to Scotland and partying again someday 🙂

Love (your new self appointed ) Auntie K x

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