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Eureka Moments (and the trauma of having a clear out) June 19, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Inspiration, Life, Chatter & Politics.
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Lots of stuff is going on in the life of Lauren this week. Amongst other things, we mightbe buying a house (Read: Flat!) in a local village. Daunting, terrifying, and very exciting. At the moment it is a bit of a blur of viewings, getting the parents up to have a look, searching for the best mortgages and more. It’s great. Of course, Ben’s car seem to be dying which is putting a bit of a downer on it, but let’s just hope it all works out.

If nothing else, it shows that first time buyers can still get on the market!

On other topics, I sat down and had a little tidy up this week. I dragged out my drawers, and found myself staring at a collection of buckling drawer bottoms, added to by a pile of jeans, an extra box of tops, a large pile of jumpers, and a few odd little bags full of pretty much everything else. I didn’t know what to do!

There, in front of me, was a collection of most of the items I have bought in the past 5 years, cringeworthy mistakes and unwearable items included. They all spilt out at me, overflowing and busting at the seams. My little tidy immediately evolved into a full blown fashion clean out.

The result? I ended up with one bin bag full of rubbish (why I kept those torn tops etc for so long, I will never know!), and two bags choc-a-bloc with donations for the local charity shops. Quite successful, you would agree?

So how did I decide what to get rid of? I followed a few simple steps (all based around utter, cold-hearted ruthlessness!).

bin bag

  • Sorting.

If you are anything like me, your drawers will be a mess. Every time you have a clean up they will become tidy again, but then the overflowing will begin and there is no looking back. I removed everything from my piles and sorted. For the tops drawer, for instance, I had a pile for sporty, dressy, work, strappy, and misc. I also had a pile for significant tops that were all wrapped up in memories. No way to get rid of these, but they also didn’t need to be kept like I would actually wear them again!

  •  Deciding.

Not the easiest thing to do, this was the most important step. I looked at my collection – anything torn, worn, ugly or misshapen? Bin it!!For the rest, I used a three step process – 1. Had I worn it recently? 2. Did I still like it? 3. Did I plan to wear it again, ever? Anything with two no’s went straight away. Anything with one no was a judgement call! I did make sure to keep all decent strappy tos – they can be clothing gold!

  • Sizing.

If it doesn’t fit, I made myself bin/donate it. I told myself that I was helping the world, and that whilst one day I might fit back into them (ever hopeful), it was ruining my clothe-owning vibe to constantly be reminded of my size! It made me feel a failure for no reason. So I got rid of some beloved clothes, in a brash Eureka moment of ultra-realism. I am soo happy now I have done it.

It wasn’t that difficult, honest! Have any of you managed a clean out?



1. Paige - June 19, 2009

I just talked about something similar in my piece at {bits of beauty} yesterday! Purging is key, whether it’s fashion or your desk drawers. I usually have a charity/thrift store bag going near my front door, so whenever I come across a piece I don’t like anymore, I toss it in. When it fills up, it’s out of my life forever!

2. Nikki - June 19, 2009

I do it regularly! I usually end up eBaying most of it because I’m terrible for wearing something once and then never again. At least with eBay I can get some cash back on it.

3. Lauren - June 19, 2009

I have a big clear-out coming up since in a weirdly parallel move I also just bought a house! I’ve been eyeing my closet for a while now. We move in two weeks, and the day of purging is coming soon. Luckily I have a bunch of second hand stores like Buffalo Exchange near me where I can try and resale!

4. mysterycreature1 - June 19, 2009

Hi Paige – what a good idea, keeping the bag by the door for whenver it is needed. I ought to do that!

Hi Nikki – your a better gal than me! I have to seriously force myself to do this sort of thing!

HI Lauren – another Lauren moving house, coincidence! It is a great oppurtunity to have a proper clean out, your only realise how much stuff you have when you have to pack it all up!

5. Colette - June 19, 2009

Hi Lauren,
I work as an Image consultant, so a lot of what I do involves helping my clients have a bit of a clear out and organize their wardrobe space. I know a very good dressmaker who can tweak anything, so nothing goes to waste.
I do of course practice what I preach, and have regular clear outs myself. On the whole I get it right, but, there have been occasions when I have regretted my zeal, but, I don’t like talking about my long lost items, it’s just too upsetting!

6. Amanda - June 20, 2009

Oh gosh, I try and do this sort of thing at LEAST once a year. Unfortunately, I end up with a big pile of stuff on the floor that I let sit for a week while I try and decide what to give away.

It somehow all ends up back in my closet.

I think I need help.

7. ElementalGrace - June 20, 2009

Awesome. I love a good clear out. I luckily work with a group of girls who are roughly the same size and we have such good fun swapping all our clothes around when we’ve had enough of them. One thing I do quite like about a good clear out is that quite often I spot things that are ripe for a bit of customisation or absolute gems that I’d forgotten I had 🙂

Ohh that’s lovely news. I’ll have my fingers crossed that all goes well with your housebuying venture and that your nesting insctinct has a chance to kick in …

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