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Good News and Pretty Dresses June 27, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Life, Chatter & Politics, Thrifting, What I Wore.
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Well, the weekend so far has been great. We travelled to the rather glorious and sunny Oxford, which was spectacular and far hotter than I could ever have expected Oxford to be! The real reason behind the trip was to fix Ben’s car, in the hope that we can keep it going long enough to part exchange it or sell it on.

Anyway, after the nightmare of a week that has just been, the fates started to be nice. The car (good gods) fixed itself. Isn’t that amazing! All the problems were completely gone, and whilst the garage could see possible causes, they thought essentially it was fine! The garage tightened and rearranged some stuff, and then refused to charge us. I don’t think you could ask for any more.

We then watched Transformers 2 – great for the cars, but you will no doubt hear a rant from me re: women as sex objects etc in the next few days. The Audi R8 though? Beautiful as ever! Finally, a trip around the shops completed the day, although I only managed to find one charity shop – perhaps Oxford is just too posh for secondhand!

Despite the lack of shops to thrift from, however, I managed to find a fantastic dress. For this one, I pushed my thrifting limit up to a high £10!! The pictures don’t do it justice, but it is an Armani dress, soft grey fabric with a royal blue band around the back. I have no idea if this is a good thing, but it is very much reminiscent of Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) in Friends – quite early 90’s in a good way!!

armarni vintage dress

vintage armani dress


1. Nikki - June 27, 2009

What a great find! So jealous.

2. Diana - June 27, 2009

Beautiful find!

3. mysterycreature1 - June 27, 2009

Hi Nikki, Diana – I’m glad you like it. It’s great, because it’s perfect for work, whilst also quite unique and quirky. Just like me!

4. Allure - June 28, 2009

Great purchase!

5. Nommi - June 28, 2009

You were in Oxford!! I’m so jealous :o( as much as I love Manchester I do miss Oxford a lot. Where were you shopping!? There are a number of charity shops in Oxford (it is after all the home of Oxfam) but they’re not really in the central shopping area. I’m not sure if it’s still there but there is also a great little second hand clothes shop that is literally crammed with clothes that you would love. Plus it’s next to the best sandwich shop. Next time I’m in Oxford you’ll have to come visit and I’ll take you on a tour of the shopping gems of Oxford :o) x x x x
p.s. that dress is so Audrey!!!

6. SOS! - June 28, 2009

cute shoes!
xx-LJ from SOS!

7. nectarfizz - July 16, 2009

I say this only cause I would want to be told, and not because I am a perve in any way, but Damn you have a nicer butt than me..(blush)

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